Wednesday, 20 September 2017

17 September 2017 - Glasgow

Manufactured autumn is now underway as the battle to stop man-made global burning and cover up the destruction of the natural precipitation cycle continues.  Today saw lots of cloud cover and rain and by sunset the sky was completely white and NEXRAD frequency control of the atmosphere created a mass of bubbling "Mammatus" clouds just in time to block the sunset, yet again, as happens every single evening without exception....

The satellite images from today are also very telling, with the North Atlantic showing a ridiculous number of chemtrails from the intense air traffic heading to Iceland then across the sea to the USA.  Conveniently these flight patterns take air traffic right past all the major UK cities in order to help create the correct conditions for NEXRAD frequency control in order to create the cloud shield above our major population centres.

17 September 2017

17.09.17 - NEXRAD - Cloudshield Frequency Control Sunset:

17 September 2017 - Terra/MODIS Britain

17 September 2017 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

17 September 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Scotland

17 September 2017 - Terra/MODIS North Atlantic

17 September 2017 - Aqua/MODIS North Atlantic

17 September 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS North Atlantic

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

16 September 2017 - Glasgow

The constant white sky of the cloudshield with sporadic rain showers was our manufactured weather today as they continue to try and kick-start autumn before they can create a proper cold and snowy winter using bacterial ice nucleation (see the WW101 videos on this for more info) while continuing the lie that the planet is getting "cooler"... despite all evidence showing a climate that has already collapsed and is now going through global burning.

As the sun disappears to the west, we see another common occurrence, the break-up of the cloudshield in order to let the heat escape and keep the temperature down.

Don't believe the psyop agenda to hide the truth from you, the weather is very broken and those who broke it really don't want you to find out....

16 September 2017

16.09.17 - NEXRAD Geoengineering - Cloudshield Sunset:

16 September 2017 - Terra/MODIS Britain

16 September 2017 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

16 September 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Scotland