Monday, 20 August 2018

Geoengineering: New Cloud Types - Undeniable Proof of Weather Control

I felt it was time to re-post this blog entry from a few years ago...


If nature can go for millenia with the same basic cloud types you learned about in school, how can we suddenly have more than a dozen types of cloud being added to WMO Cloud Atlas?

Below are some examples of very obvious Geoengineering methods, chemtrails and Nexrad frequency control of the atmosphere, covering up what was once natural weather....

New cloud type nonsense:

A classic example of heretordying/wave cloud/roll cloud courtesy of the global Nexrad network.





Another example of heretordying/wave clouds courtesy of the global Nexrad network.




Homogenitus and Homomutatus


So, if you still think this is all natural, why have we not seen or recorded these "new" cloud types before now and why did you not learn about them in school?  I'll tell you why, because these "clouds" are all obvious evidence of Nexrad geoengineering that the mainstream are trying to pass off as "natural weather"...

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02 June 2018 - Glasgow

For those who do not yet understand...

02 June 2018

02.06.18 - NEXRAD Geoengineering - Nanoparticle Cloud Control:

01 June 2018 - Glasgow

Climate collapse, global burning and Geoengineering replacing natural weather should be the main thing you are concerned about over all other topics at present, time to wake up...

01 June 2018

01.06.18 - NEXRAD Weather Control - Nanoparticle Sunset Blocking: