Friday 24 May 2019

06 ‎September ‎2018 - Glasgow

Starting with the cloud shield in the morning, the sun was continually blocked for the majority of the day until the evening when most of the clouds dissipate (letting the trapped heat during the day escape and keeping the roof off at night, a common cooling technique) leaving just a small band on the western horizon (always where the sun is in the sky) in order to block the sunset.

Simply follow the sun across the sky for a few days and you will soon notice the anomalies as large dark clouds, out of place with surrounding ones, cover where the sun is, or large sheets of nanoparticle chem-haze cover it and create sun-dogs.  This is the frequency control of the atmosphere using the UK Doppler Radar Network (UK version of NEXRAD) and geoengineering of the climate that has replaced natural weather:

06 ‎September ‎2018

06.09.18 - NEXRAD Cloud Control - Subtle Sunset Blocking:

05 ‎September ‎2018 - Glasgow

Another day of manufactured weather that is very common, starting with the sunrise being blocked of course, moving on to the usual frequency control of the nanoparticles in the sky injected into the stratosphere by passing planes (nanotech is in all jet fuel now) by the UK doppler radar network, operating together to form one giant phased array.

An afternoon of cloud control increases the density of atmospheric particles and before long the cloudshield has turned the entire sky white, making blocking the sunset easy and ensuring the continual cover up of global burning climate collapse caused by the military-industrial-controllers of this world:

05 ‎September ‎2018

05.09.18 - Cloud Shield Geoengineering & Sunset Blocking: