Sunday 19 April 2020

27 ‎September ‎2018 - Glasgow

If you ever needed proof of an unnatural sky and obvious weather manipulation and NEXRAD frequency control then this is it.  The time-lapse video should leave you in no doubt.  Time to wake up and stop believing the liars of the mainstread media who continue to label anything on this channel as a "chemtrail conspiracy theory", overlooking the obvious facutal nature of evidence that speaks for itself.

Geoengineering and the NEXRAD doppler radar control of the sky goes on daily:

27 ‎September ‎2018


27.09.18 - Proof of NEXRAD Frequency Control & Weather Manipulation:

26 ‎September ‎2018 - Glasgow

26 ‎September ‎2018

We will no longer be posting 3 images from NASA Worldview at the end of each post in order to save time and get the blog up to date.  There is a link to it in the footer of every blog and we encourage everyone to view this for any daily post to see the eye from the sky confirming the Geoengineering photo's from the ground.

25 ‎September ‎2018 - Glasgow

One of those days where we shouldn't have to type anything to try to convince people that weather control and geoengineering is reality.

25 ‎September ‎2018