Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The HAARP and Chemtrail Connection

*** UPDATE ***

So it all becomes clear, HAARP was the test bed and the offspring of this facility are the doppler radar networks around the globe...

"HAARP is an obsolete research facility that is about to be dismantled. Methods and functionalities developed at this facility have long-since been distributed to other platforms and facilities (ie: Nexrad grid or 156+ station in U.S. alone) and are visibly in use daily – to create the superstorms we see worldwide. The Air Force quite literally can’t even give the HAARP facility away. The University of Alaska is willing to take over management of the facility, but only if someone else pays for it. No other government agency has any further interest in this antiquated site."

"The one purpose this facility still serves however, is as the central focus for a massive disinformation campaign, to keep people focused and talking about this obsolete facility – instead of the Global Nexrad / Doppler / Phased Array Radar Grid that many of the abilities and functionalities developed at HAARP have been distributed to. This grid is visibly in control of weather patterns worldwide on a daily basis, and I detail that reality in every single geoengineering video I produce (130+ to date)."

For anyone that hasn't checked out the excellent documentaries on HAARP in the links, below are some good sources of information on the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme.

The HAARP and Chemtrail Connection

HAARP: Weather Control - Is the HAARP Project a Weather Control Weapon?

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