Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mainstream Media Climate Change Lies & Psy-Ops

With more lies coming from the IPCC last week about inaction on climate change apparently being catastrophic (without acknowledging SAG/SRM and that it has been a tactic of theirs for years), I noticed that the BBC slideshow of images had a future concept image of New York with, surprise surprise, a chemtrail shown in the sky!

Knowing what we do about them digitally adding in chemtrails into older tv shows or adverts, it's just another example of the psychological operations and brainwashing you face every day while you follow the mainstream quick fix media and the constant stream of lies they promote to help out certain exopolitical agendas.


Here's another example below, taken from a website template and showing a stock image of Rome with a blatant SRM cloud shield overhead so that you think a sky like this is normal:

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