Friday, 17 April 2015

NASA Worldview satellite photo's available on new blog page

Some of you may have noticed that I recently added a page to this blog with several choice photo's showing global geoengineering taken by the TERRA/Modis and AQUA/Modis satellites from the NASA Worldview website.

With a link to Worldview available and several months of evidence collected I will no longer be posting daily satellite photo's as a separate post, instead adding a few choice screenshots each day to the normal daily photograph post.

I encourage everyone to not only observe the Nexrad chemtrail geoengineering of our planet while going about their daily business in the Matrix but to also check the NASA Worldview website themselves every day, to see the evidence from a different angle.

The page is linked above along with the ISS live stream and pages showing the cloud shield, undeniable frequency control and other Nexrad doppler effects which you can see every single day if you are paying attention, have good pattern recognition skills and understand the technology being used to modify the weather...

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