Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Global Burning and Climate Collapse Education

Heatwave = Global Burning: Iran 165°

If you want a proper education on the reality of our "weather" the I urge everyone to watch the following video from Weather War 101 and read the full description...

Published on 5 Aug 2015
“It’s easy to be cynical and say ‘Climate Change is just too big for humanity to solve.’ I am absolutely convinced that is wrong. We can solve this thing, but we have to get going. It’s exactly the kind of challenge that is big enough to remind us that all 7 billion of us are in this together.” As my viewers know these words spoken the President of the United States are also essentially a mantra around here. Needless to say, I couldn’t agree with him more.

It’s somewhat surprising that it has taken me as long as it has to reach what (from my perspective) should have been a rather obvious conclusion. I suppose my delay in clarifying this position, was sufficient evidence to back it up. As everyone knows I have strict criteria for being able to prove what I say.

However the fact that “government” in any country is not responsible, in control, or even aware of the century-long effort to cover-up industrial destruction of climate balance and the atmosphere is becoming more glaringly apparent by the second. The destruction of natural balance and disharmony with our environment that this society continues to pursue, is not the result of “government” control, it is the result of industrial greed, industrial disinterest in the environment and people’s health, industrial ‘special interest’ influence on government, and government’s inability to do anything about it. Money, greed, and industry run this society… not ‘the government.’ The fact that there have been no regulations on carbon waste for power plants on this planet up to this very second – proves that.

Anyone think the Republican presidential candidates who are going right back to the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) well of racism (i.e. “take our country back [from the Black President], all Mexican ‘immigrants’ are rapists, etc.), attacking planned Parenthood funding and women’s health rights for the billionth time, or making machine gun bacon are bright enough or concerned enough to actually understand industrial climate collapse cover-up for the last 100 years – much less actually be in control of it? I watched a man who is running for President of the United States wrap bacon around the barrel of a machine gun, wrap it in tin foil, and actually think he was clever… enough said.

In this video and in all of my videos, I illustrate very clearly that the foundational geoengineering system exists at the industrial level (not any government level), has no borders of any kind, and clearly has no regulation whatsoever (on the amount of Water Vapor Emissions for instance – just like Carbon Emissions). Does that sound like government is doing it to us, or does that sound like the legacy industrial rulers whose only motivation is greed and power are doing it to us?

So where does the massive (sponsored) 40 year effort come from to dismiss Climate Change (aka Climate Collapse) come from? Where does the (sponsored) effort to misdirect all focus and responsibility to the ‘evil government’ and ‘evil military’ come from? It comes from the ‘special interests’ who have billions of dollars to runs these false information campaigns designed to keep the greed-driven status quo petroleum / gas enslavement system running as it has for 100 years. The profits from this antiquated global enslavement system, is surely where the funding for campaigns of lies come from.

As we say frequently around here… “Qui Bono?” The answers are becoming increasingly obvious.


No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

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