Friday, 18 November 2016

17 ‎November ‎2016 - Glasgow

There is a massive psyop against the truth, that industrialists and the military destroyed the natural precipitation cycle and put holes in the atmosphere decades ago.  They have replaced natural weather with geoeingeering, injecting metallic nanoparticles into the atmosphere which are activated by the global nexrad doppler radar/phased array network (find the ripples in the clouds or unusual shaped clouds which remain static in the sky), then these intelligent nanoparticles (which are attracted to sunlight once activated - piezoelectric) and this combines with the water vapour in the atmosphere, a mix of power plant water vapour from over 60,000 power plants worldwide and clouds created using the nexrad dopplers again, "orgone" tech originally developed by Wilhelm Reich, then taken underground after he was jailed and his lab/research "burned" (i.e taken underground, black ops) then his work was furthered at the haarp facility (now closed) before being deployed in the global nexrad doppler/phased array grid, which amplifies its power using a klystron to send pulsed frequencies and create heterodyne frequencies and gravity waves into the sky to create/stop tornados, freeze the atmosphere with ice nucleation, whip up the jet stream and manipulate the cloud cover in ways you wouldn't imagine but study it long enough and soon a static looking sky scene becomes much more menacing....

The UK network is currently getting upgraded to dual polarization so expect our weather to get a bit more Amarican and apocalytpic as they try to cover up global burning, caused by the death of natural weather, holes in the ozone layer from atmospheric testing and also the evolution of the sun (mainstream science is backwards, check out RS2 or the Reciprocal System of physical theory by Dewey B. Larson) which is only now moving into the main sequence, burning more like metal, going from a red giant to yellow star I remember as a kid to the now larger, whiter star we see today, firing out more uvc radiation.

So of course if you are the globalist traders, industrialists, bankers, military, politicians, royals, you know... those that own and run the matrix and treat their slaves like shit, you don't want the slaves waking up and escaping their shackles.  So Weather War 101, myself and a few other genuine researchers who have uncovered the truth are continually ignored, attacked and brushed aside so that the psyop controlled opposition, "official chemtrail consipiracy theory researchers" like Dane Wigington (ex-Bechtel employee, they make the WSAC used for water vapour generation) and @opchemtrails are usually as far as people make it, rendering them ineffective while most of these people who have woken up to reality blindly repost chemtrail photos and take part in "tweetstorms" on social media in order to, often unknowingly, bury the truth.

Undeniable Frequency Control:

An alien looking sky in every aspect, clouds never used to look and act the way they do now...

17 ‎November ‎2016

17 ‎November ‎2016 - Terra/MODIS Britain

17 ‎November ‎2016 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

17 ‎November ‎2016 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Scotland

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