Thursday, 22 December 2016

21 ‎December ‎2016 - Glasgow

Still very warm today with yet another named, manufactured storm about to hit us in the coming days...

Here comes Elaine again – why the naming of storms is a washout

"Only last year scientists discovered that Americans failed to take storms seriously when the weather system was given a female name."

Named Manufactured Storms:

The Met Office, military and globalists who control the weather want you to fail to take storms seriously, because then you will fail to bother investigating the freak weather and just put it down to "crazy storm Barbara" or "the weather gods", allowing the perpetrators to get away with it.  Time to wake up, global geoengineering is very real....

21 ‎December ‎2016

21 December ‎2016 - Terra/MODIS Britain

21 December ‎2016 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

21 December ‎2016 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Scotland

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