Friday, 17 February 2017

16 February 2017 - Glasgow

Time for another posting of the set of "everything you need to know to get caught up" links for those new to weather control, global burning, NEXRAD chemtrail geoengineering and climate collapse:

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Geoengineering: Nexrad Sequential Heterodyne Wave Generation:

Nexrad Weather Control: Creating Cloud Systems 101:

Nexrad WSR-88D

Geoengineering: Orgone Intro 1:

Meteorologists are Lying:

If you want to understand nano-particles, Morgellons Syndrome and more:

Nano Skies Movie: Chemtrails Revealed (HD)

Global Warming - Is Very Real:

Global Warming: 70 Degrees in December:

Warmest Christmas Ever:

Heatwave = Global Burning: Iran 165°:

Godzilla El NiƱo Misdirection:

Proof: Worldwide Massive Flooding is All Manmade:

Introduction to Geoengineering 101:

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Geoengineering: Europe Jet Stream:

Europe Hex Rotation:

Understanding Snow & Ice Nucleation:

First Snow 2016: Manmade Weather Event Argos:

Etheric Weather Engineering - Trevor Constable 1990:

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist):

Global Flash Flood Destruction: The Obvious Man-Made Source:

It's soon going to get a lot warmer...

Scotland weather: Tropical air to make nation hotter than Spain

The mercury will rise through the weekend and peak on Monday with potential highs of 16C anticipated around Aberdeen and other east coast cities.

That would make Scotland hotter than Madrid, the Spanish capital. A Met Office spokesman said: “hotter air will blow up from the tropical areas of the Atlantic.”

“The weather will start to heat up on Saturday, it may cool on Sunday, and peak in the midteens on Monday.

“The East will have the best of the sunshine and drier conditions and. The West will be wetter and windier.”

The sudden mild weather is expected to beat the country’s warmest days of the year so far.

On January 25 14.2C was recorded at Achfary, Sutherland, and Plockton, Wester Ross.

The hotter temperatures mark a pleasant change from the freezing windchill of the previous weekend.

16 February 2017

16 February 2017 - Terra/MODIS Britain

16 February 2017 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

16 February 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Scotland

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