Thursday, 27 April 2017

21 April 2017 - Glasgow (1)

So much happening in the sky today I have to resort to two posts just to capture it all.  Below is a brief summary and time-lapse videos will soon be on Youtube to show classic NEXRAD frequency control of the clouds during the sunset:

After a day of "weather" watching a mass of manufactured clouds blocking the sun during the morning, by the afternoon the sky was full of frequency control clouds which will be familiar to regular viewers by now.  A regular injection of nanoparticles from passing planes adds the frequency controllable components to the sky to mix with water vapour coming from the west and the UK NEXRAD doppler radar network does the rest.  But things got really crazy by late afternoon, when the rare blue sky returned and the sun was met with what the liars at the Met Office would call "new clouds", or frequency controlled nano-clouds to be more precise.

As clouds of water vapour go past these clouds remain static in the sky and at one point one small "cloud" let forth a stream of nanoparticle haze which went across the sky.  This was followed by the usual blocking of the setting sun by the same frequency control and heterodyning, locking the cloud cover in place and you can also observe the piezoelectric nanoparticles moving towards the sun, attracted by it since that is what they are programmed to do.

You will find photographic evidence from earlier in the day on this blog in two parts.  The time-lapse video on Youtube is from 2 cameras, one recording as normal and the other zoomed in slightly and facing more WSW.  The zoom shot is at the end and will show some more detail of the frequency control of the artificial clouds, for those that still need convincing that geoengineering is happening every single day....

21 April 2017

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