Monday, 27 August 2018

05 June 2018 - Glasgow

Chemtrail nanoparticles - frequency controllable components for the worldwide NEXRAD/doppler radar network to allow those in control (the military and met office) to continue to play god and lie to us about their destruction of the natural precipitation cycle, resulting onset of global burning and long term, daily, efforts to control the weather while using their global psyop techniques to cover up the truth from you... todays "weather" started with the cloud shield before sunshine and chemtrail haze filled the afternoon sky. 

The usual clear signs of NEXRAD frequency control were there as always, pulling the invisible radio wave strings in the background while everyone blames HAARP... the sunset, as seen on the time-lapse video, shows yet more chemtrail nanoparticle injection into the atmosphere and frequency walls ensuring the sun stays blocked as it sets to the west due to the mess of chem-haze in the sky, heavy clumps of the piezoelectric nanoparticles being activated by the dopplers and further excited by sunlight.

Welcome to planet earth, you are nothing but an easily fooled, distracted and obedient slave to those lying to you about the weather and a great many other topics, time to learn the truth and wake up...

05 June 2018

05.06.18 - Geoengineering - Nanoparticle Haze Sunset:

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