Friday, 19 October 2018

18 ‎July ‎2018 - Glasgow

Global geoengineering and weather control is real, it's happening daily and it's also about time everyone realised that the key component in the process is the UK Doppler Radar Network (with dual polarization) -NEXRAD in the USA- which uses radio frequency control to activate nanoparticles in the atmosphere (aerosol injection from jet fuel) and creating gravity waves/roll clouds and large spinning systems in order to manipulate the climate and cover up the global burning and climate collapse that was started by the military, industrialists, corporations and governments of this planet.

They have several clear motives: cover up their crimes against humanity and nature, rape the planet of resources for maximum profit, play god and control as many aspects of your lives without you noticing... it can't be denied that they are doing a good job thanks to their well known psyop techniques, the question is what are you going to do about it, continue being fed lies and disinformation or wake up, get angry and do something about it?

Gravity Waves: Creating and Controlling Weather:

As always, you will find the time-lapse video below very revealing...

18 ‎July ‎2018

18.07.18 - NEXRAD Doppler Radar - Gravity Wave Cloud Sunset:

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