Thursday, 25 April 2019

29 August 2018 - Glasgow

The usual mess of nanotechnology injected into the atmosphere gets activated via frequency control courtesy of the local dual pol doppler radar in Glasgow at Holehead to create not just rolling clouds through heteroduning frequencies but also a massive nanoparticle haze shield to block the sunset. 

Wake up to reality, you only have a limited time left now, stop buying the climate change lies, we did not create climate change, the military-industrial-bankers of this planet destroyed the natural precipitation cycle, created climate collapse and now control the weather using geoengineering.  They really don't want you to know this or they don't get to play god and pretend they are not. 

Ask yourself though, how often is the weather nice when the Queen or American President visit somewhere?  Perhaps someone should tally this up, they would be surprised...

29 August 2018

29.08.18 - NEXRAD Doppler Radar - Nanoparticle Haze Sunset Shield

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