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17 ‎September ‎2018 - Glasgow

If you still absorb and believe the lies of the mainstream you are being extremely naive - our weather has now been controlled for decades since the climate collapsed in the 1980's.  The planet is burning up but Geoeingeering is being deployed to hide this fact - hence why there is a lot of confusion about figures showing increases in snow fall and cold winters.  You can thank nanotechnology and ice nucleation for that.

The cover up and attempt to slow down global burning will be exposed eventually, the question is how many lies will you digest before then?  Visit this channel for some rare truth on the true horror of our current climate situation on planet earth.

17 ‎September ‎2018

In this video you will see layers of clouds moving in different directions before the very obvious heterodyning of the clouds makes some of them stick in the sky to block the sun as the rest of the atmosphere speeds past, much like rocks in a river. This is the use of doppler radar frequency control to manipulate the metallic nanoparticles mixed in with the clouds.

Learn the work of Weather War 101 as your base education for the truth on global geoengineering and NEXRAD:

17.09.18 - Geoengineering - Heterodyning & Cloud Layer Control:

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