Friday, 30 May 2014

Chemtrails over San Francisco - 17 May 2014

Published on 18 May 2014 - Today was possibly the worst spraying I've ever witnessed over San Francisco. By the time I'd started my time-lapse, the sky was filled with crud from an armada of sprayers. Wave upon wave of scumbags relentlessly blotted out the sun with tight grids and of course we saw another appearance of the "incredibly rare" "ice crystal" "sun dogs" - the fifth time in a week, during a California heatwave. They're better, and more accurately known, as chem-bows.

Yet because this is a covert, black budget program, it's still officially denied. The CFR has admitted that a "pernicious" tens of millions of dollars is spend on disinfo to "confuse the public" about the program, so when you read the laughable claims by shills in the comments that these are just "wing tip vortices" in "cold pockets," use your common sense and remember your government isn't always scrupulously honest - have you forgotten Saddam's nukes?

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