Saturday, 24 May 2014

More Media Manipulation...

Even the weather app on my phone doesn't tell the truth these days... "mostly cloudy" can now be interpreted as total white-out with the sky completely filled with clouds.

‎01 ‎May ‎2014, ‏‎12:06:22

01 ‎May ‎2014, ‏‎13:05

East Kilbride on the 3rd of May was supposed to be sunny but ignore the phone clock top left as the app still had the setting for the 3rd of May weather, which definitely wasn't sunny.  Note how "sunny" now means a pale blue sky filled with chem-haze and clouds trying to block the sun:

‎03 ‎May ‎2014, ‏‎14:29:22

03 ‎May ‎2014, 14:36

Here is the weather on the 12th of May anyway, for comparison:

‎12 ‎May ‎2014, ‏‎17:02:37

Another "mostly cloudy" day...

‎22 ‎May ‎2014, ‏‎12:08:00

‎22 ‎May ‎2014, ‏‎12:37:00

‎22 ‎May ‎2014, ‏‎12:54:26

It's little tricks like this which have helped manipulate people into thinking an all white sky is normal.

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