Monday, 9 November 2015

08 ‎November ‎2015 - Glasgow

Another day of gale force winds and torrential rain as manufactured storm "who gives a toss what it is called" continues to hit the British Isles and Europe.  You have to laugh at how the Met Office are now asking people to help them name these storms now, nothing beats some distraction from the reality that all weather is manufactured and controlled.

Meanwhile in Northern France the chemtrail activity is pretty intense as they continue to manipulate the storm in order to pretend that natural weather still exists...

08 ‎November ‎2015

08 ‎November ‎2015 - Terra/MODIS Britain

08 ‎November ‎2015 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

08 ‎November ‎2015 - Terra/MODIS Northern France

08 ‎November ‎2015 - Aqua/MODIS Northern France

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