Thursday, 12 November 2015

11 ‎November ‎2015 - Glasgow

More rain yet again from the manufactured water vapour being sent our way as seen on the satellite images, along with the usual ripples from the UK Nexrad Doppler radar network which, for those who don't know and still believe that HAARP is a big factor in controlling the weather, has all of the old HAARP tech but in a smaller size physically but a larger size overall due to the EUMETNET network dopplers around Europe and the Nexrad doppler network around the USA working together as one giant phased array.

People should also be wary of globalist propaganda relating to geoengineering when they hear crap such as so-called insiders saying that if they didn't terraform out planet then humanity would die off.... of course you don't get a choice in the matter, nature isn't given the chance to recover on her own and meanwhile the same globalists spinning this bullshit are the ones still polluting the planet and lying to you about everything, and I mean everything....

11 ‎November ‎2015

11 ‎November ‎2015 - Terra/MODIS Britain

11 ‎November ‎2015 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

11 ‎November ‎2015 - Terra/MODIS Scotland

11 ‎November ‎2015 - Aqua/MODIS Scotland

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