Monday 9 January 2017

NEXRAD Weather Control - Edinburgh

The photographs shown below were taken in Edinburgh from 25/09/2016 to 03/01/2017 by a new reader of this blog who is now very aware of what is going on with our manufactured weather.

The images show the very same signs of atmospheric manipulation that you can observe over Glasgow, a combination of chemtrail injected piezoelectric nanoparticles and water vapour from across the Atlantic, along with manipulation of the jetstream and Wilhelm Reich's techniques to manipulate the etheric (orgone) atmosphere of the planet.

All of this is controlled by the NEXRAD WSR-88D or the UK EUMETNET-OPERA equivalent, dual-polarisation/phased array antenna's that masquerade as "Weather Surveillance Radar".

NEXRAD (Next Generation Radar) can also heat the ionosphere to manipulate this "orgone" atmosphere, something that many believe only HAARP, EISCAT, HIPASS and other ionospheric HF pump facilities are capable of:
Summed up, ground based stations , NEXRAD RADARS can double as ground based “AIM generators” .. Also the pulses from NEXRAD RADARS can match frequencies sent from facilities like HAARP.

Either way, whether its for heating the area above the ground based station , or whether its used to mimic a HAARP type signal into the ionosphere — we are seeing the flashes on RADAR as the signals flash through the radio spectrum…. the signal goes from 0.0 to multiple GHz — and anywhere in between.

It would seem that our NEXRAD’s double as microwave heaters, and ATMOSPHERIC mirror generators… per the findings listed above.. the MHz and GHz capabilities do indeed match.
For more on HAARP see the research work of Weather War 101:
HAARP is an obsolete research facility that is about to be dismantled. Methods and functionalities developed at this facility have long-since been distributed to other platforms and facilities (ie: Nexrad grid or 156+ station in U.S. alone) and are visibly in use daily – to create the superstorms we see worldwide. The Air Force quite literally can’t even give the HAARP facility away. The University of Alaska is willing to take over management of the facility, but only if someone else pays for it. No other government agency has any further interest in this antiquated site.

The one purpose this facility still serves however, is as the central focus for a massive disinformation campaign, to keep people focused and talking about this obsolete facility – instead of the Global Nexrad / Doppler / Phased Array Radar Grid that many of the abilities and functionalities developed at HAARP have been distributed to. This grid is visibly in control of weather patterns worldwide on a daily basis....
I'd like to add that HAARP hasn't been used since 2014:
Who conducts research at HAARP?
UAF is actively soliciting funding and proposals to use the facility.
Does the IRI operate continuously?
No. The last active IRI operations were completed in the summer of 2014. When UAF resumes operations in winter of 2016-2017, campaigns are planned to run similar to the USAF model, where groups of scientists collaborate to conduct interactive ionospheric research. A typical research period may last one to two weeks and up to four such campaigns may occur in a given year.
It also sounds like the University of Alaska Fairbanks (who are now running the facility) are having a good time using it, but not in the way you think...

The HAARP open house on August 27, 2016, was a rousing success. Over 350 people showed up for the event, which, in addition to tours of the HAARP facility featured ACUASI's unmanned aircraft petting zoo, a hands-on permafrost exhibit, physics demonstrations, portable planetarium, Cultural Connections aurora video, and a barbecue. Everyone expressed positive comments.

In addition, Chris Fallen's lecture on Friday night, put on in partnership with the Wrangell Institute for Science and the Environment (WISE), was the best attended of any of WISE's lectures, ever. It was standing room only in the Wrangell-St. Elias Visitor Center auditorium. We deeply appreciate WISE's partnership and assistance.

Many thanks to the Geophysical Institute staff who helped, from grilling hotdogs, to parking 36-foot motor homes, to patiently answering visitors' questions. Bob McCoy wrote: "I got so many thank yous and compliments it was overwhelming. What a great way to announce we're new neighbors to the Copper Valley. You guys busted so many myths on Saturday."

Copies of the lecture notes and other material from the open house will be posted here soon. Also coming soon: online sales of HAARP souvenir t-shirts. Watch this space for more information.
So while the hot dogs and petting zoo fun continues at HAARP in Alaska, the real weather control culprits around the globe remain in the shadows...

On to the photographs from Edinburgh.  Long time readers of this blog will recognise many of the same NEXRAD frequency control shapes and patterns from images i've taken above Glasgow and elsewhere over the years, including frequency ripples, square shapes, heterodyne waves, chemtrails, a mess of nanoparticles and the now familiar diamond lattice shape as a result of the high frequency heterodyne frequency they apply on occasions, see the 11-12-2016 image:












I'll be encouraging this observant individual to take some time-lapse videos in order to gather more undeniable evidence of global geoengineering and climate collapse from the east coast of Scotland.

The Met Office dual-polarisation doppler radar at Munduff Hill in Fife is responsible for the local weather changes over the east coast and Edinburgh, shown below first with the old radome and then with the newer spherical model:

Any other visitors to this channel should take note that they are not alone, you are a conspiracy realist and more people are finally waking up to the many psyop deceptions of the mainstream including the climate collapse cover up.

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  1. Here's the Nexrad in use.Ave been bird watching Buzzards for years when I captured this.I never had a clue really what man was doing to achieve this then but know now
    That was in 2012/13
    Great to know other's are not scientists but some easy investigation can uncover the Space weather lol,Global Warming/cooling,hurricanes that take right turns for NY and the rest volcanoes etc. Hope this video showing the Great Fridge Freezer In The Sky in action making and removing cloud by heating and cooling a section of sky.
    Unfortunately Livingston to Edinburgh airport is at a junction where two Nexrad systems operate making it double as powerful. HARTHILL nr Whitburn and Munduff Hill nr Dunfermline keep the ćity's of Glasgow and Edinburgh clear and their airports open.