Friday, 21 July 2017

19 July ‎2017 - Glasgow

Apart from a cursory glance to see if it is either sunny, raining or cloudy, it is quite clear that very few people pay any close attention to the weather, now known as Geoengineering. If they did, there would be a lot less silence from people, because the more people realise the truth the more our voice will drown out that of those calling the shots and getting away with manufacturing the weather, lying and covering it up, and killing countless lives every day from flash floods, tornado's and other "freak" or manufactured storms and events...

Two time-lapses for your viewing disgust or pleasure today, however it makes you feel, the reality is undeniable as is the continuing daily evidence proving Geoengineering  has been happening for a long time, since climate collapse around the mid-1980's.  I recall 1985 having 100 degree heat during the summer, a likely candidate as any for the year that the natural precipitation cycle collapsed, Geoengineering took over and global burning really started to crank up the heat....

19 July ‎2017

In this first time-lapse video from today, observe NEXRAD doppler radar plasma cloud creation, utilisting frequency control to activate piezoelectric nanoparticles in the atmosphere...

19.07.17 - NEXRAD Geoengineering: Creating Clouds

This second time-lapse shows the cloud shield, built up from chemtrail nanoparticles and NEXRAD frequency control to create plasma clouds, then mixed in with incoming water vapour streams from the Atlantic, originating in all the American and Mexican power stations.  This brings us our new man-made weather phenomenon which the mainstream will try to pass off as normal, flash flooding and summer monsoons to cover up for the dousing of global burning using various Geoengineering techniques...

19.07.17 - NEXRAD Geoengineering: Cloudshield Manipulation

19 July 2017 - Terra/MODIS Britain

19 July 2017 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

19 July 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Scotland

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