Monday, 28 August 2017

24 ‎August ‎2017 - Glasgow

The "weather" is not that difficult to understand now...

The WeatherWar101 Interview:

Undeniable Frequency Control:

Heatwave, Floods, & Hail: Global Burning & The Water Cycle:

Yet another day of power plant water vapour from across the pond being manipulated by the UK NEXRAD / Doppler radar / Phased Array grid that controls the weather thanks to a 97 million supercomputer owned by the Met Office.  Climate collapse happened decades ago, yet they continue to lie to you and market this as "climate change".  Time to wake up and take back this planet from the industrial controllers destroying it....

The satellite images today are particularly telling and match ground observations, showing heavy chemtrailing and matallic nanoparticle delivery into the atmosphere to allow NEXRAD frequency control.

24 ‎August ‎2017

24.08.17 - Another day of manufactured summer rain...

24 August 2017 - Terra/MODIS Britain

24 August 2017 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

24 August 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Scotland

24 August 2017 - Terra/MODIS SE Britain

24 August 2017 - Aqua/MODIS SE Britain

24 August 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS SE Britain

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