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Revealed: climate collapse and the terrifying consequences of geoengineering for us all

Another very warm day with global burning and climate collapse, even mainstream sources now appear more worried about the state of our climate but they are still spinning lie after lie and covering up the truth...


Here is my take on the article above, with a large helping of truth to assist those still struggling to come to terms with the true state of affairs regarding "climate change"....

Revealed: climate collapse and the terrifying consequences of geoengineering for us all

www.scottishchemtrails.com can today reveal the true extent of the threat posed to Scotland and the rest of the planet by climate collapse.

Major parts of Scotland’s vital infrastructure are under threat from coastal erosion and flooding, according to the latest government assessments of the dangers of climate change. What they fail to mention is that the climate collapsed decades ago and a system called Geoengineering has taken its place.

Thousands of homes and businesses and long stretches of roads and railway lines are also at risk. So are power stations, wind farms, sewers, bridges, and farmland, as well as many other crucial facilities and even golf courses.  Ironically, it is power plants around the globe that are the start point of geoengineering, as they release millions and millions of gallons of water vapour from Wet Surface Air Coolers in such plants.

Seabirds, fish and plants are endangered, as well as butterflies, food crops and peat bogs, in fact everything is at risk, because there is nothing worse than replacing natural weather with man-made weather. Scotland can expect more rain, more droughts, more storms, more wild fires, more landslides, more pests and more diseases – and snow is disappearing from the mountains.  Manufactured weather will get worse as they try to combat global burning, a result of more than a century of industrialisation polluting the atmosphere and affecting the precipitation cycle by making it more difficult for cloud condensation nuclei to form rain clouds.  However, bacterial ice nucleation (one of many nanotechnology applications along with piezoelectric nanparticles) means you will still see snow on the hills this winter as they try to keep runaway global temperatures down and continue the pretence that the seasons still exist.

As evidence mounts of the multiple risks climate change poses to people and wildlife, 2017 is predicted to be another record hot year. And one of Scotland’s leading climate experts is warning that the world is facing the catastrophe of “runaway” climate change because of the impact of pollution and the damage it is doing to nature.  This is actually a very accurate, if rare, statement but it misses out the big point.  The industrial controllers of this world, your oil barons, bankers, royalty and so on, are the ones who created climate collapse in the first place and have now marketed it as "climate change" while expecting you, the general public, to pay for it not only from your taxes pocket but often with your life, just ask the many thousands killed by man-made flooding, tornado's, hurricanes etc.... yes, ALL weather on this planet is manufactured.

A study for the Scottish Government warned that the rate of coastal erosion around Scotland has doubled since the 1970s. Researchers identified 30,000 buildings, 1,300 kilometres of roads and 100 kilometres of railway lines “close to potentially erodible coasts”.  The question is will they get to the source of the problem of coastal erosion, worldwide flooding, global burning and climate collapse?  No, they will continue the lies they promote in the mainstream to get everyone to think that it is still just business as usual for their slaves.

The impact of climate-driven coastal erosion was “potentially devastating”, they said. By 2050 at least 50 buildings, seven kilometres of roads and railways, airport runways, wildlife and archaeological sites could be damaged.  Damaging archaeological sites is an added bonus for the controllers of this world, who have also re-written and manipulated most of the historical chronology of the planet to suit their plans, but that's a story for another day...

According to the government conservation agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, more than 20 coastal golf courses have already acknowledged erosion problems. These include golf links in the Western Isles, Highland, Dumfries and Galloway – and Donald Trump’s controversial resort in the sand dunes at Menie in Aberdeenshire.  Conservations agencies are all part of the deception however, none of them will even look at any undeniable evidence of global geoengineering, or any weather anomalies.

Another report for the UK Committee on Climate Change highlighted the threats posed by climate change to infrastructure, farming and wildlife in Scotland. An estimated 180,000 residential properties are currently at risk from flooding, with the number predicted to rise as the climate deteriorates.  And who do you think profits from such flooding disasters, loss of lives, loss of property and so on?  Perhaps people should look more into insurance if they want answers here...

The report warned of a 50 per cent increase in sewer flooding over the next few decades as the system is inundated by heavy rain. It flagged up risks to electricity generation, transport and other key networks.  Heavy rain, heavy rain and more torrential rain, in a planet that is burning up, does it make sense to you that there is now more rain?  Think about this for a while if this smoking gun still doesn't have you questioning mainstream articles like this...

About 150,000 hectares of arable farmland were said to be at high risk from river flooding, and an estimated seven per cent of Scotland’s prime agricultural land was within flood risk areas.  It is not just Scotland in trouble here, every single person in every country on this planet is in trouble if they don't wake up to.

Along with flooding and coastal erosion, climate change will also bring higher temperatures - meaning that up to half of Scotland’s prime agricultural land will be at moderate to severe risk of drought by the 2050s, particularly in Tayside and Fife, the report said, and water use is likely to be restricted.  Climate collapse is bringing higher temperatures, we are all at risk of drought and Earth will become the new Mars if we do not take back control of our society from those controlling us and lying to us daily.

Higher temperatures could boost the spread of livestock diseases, including foot and mouth, bluetongue and liver fluke. “Serious epidemics predicted to become the norm by the 2020s, especially in the north and west of the country,” warned the report.  Slowly destroying their enemy over the course of centuries, the British crown is doing a good job of getting revenge on Scotland for centuries of not lying down and being easily invaded by the Empire.

It forecast a big increase in forest fires, as well as major impacts on migratory birds, fish and mountain plants. There was a “significant risk” for iconic species such as ptarmigan and mountain hares and “the possibility of no snow cover below 900 metres by the 2080s.”  Forest fires have been a problem for decades, hence why Geoengineering went into overdrive in the late 1990's, "coincidentally" when air travel become a whole llot cheaper...

The report predicted that mean summertime temperatures in Scotland would rise by up to 4.5 degrees centigrade by the 2050s, while winter rain could increase by up to 30 per cent. The sea level around Edinburgh is expected to rise by between 20 and 40 centimetres by 2090.  While the temperature is already ridiculously high, don't expect their to be much more sunlight when this happens, as more than 10 years of evidence of geoengineering sun blocking techniques collected on the www.scottishchemtrails.com blog clearly show.

Experts are predicting that 2017 will end up being one of the world’s hottest. “Though we only have global observations to June, it is likely that 2017 will be globally one of the warmest three years since 1850,” said Simon Tett, professor of earth system dynamics at the University of Edinburgh. The same experts who are too afraid to speak out against their masters, too afraid to risk getting that next big research grant cheque, too afraid to speak the truth because each and every academic who has been involved in or has knowledge of the biggest cover up on planet earth is just as guilty as those perpetrating this monstrous crime against us all.

According to NASA, 2016 was the world’s hottest year since records started, with the next two hottest being 2015 and 2014. Scotland’s hottest year so far was 2014, and last winter was the fourth warmest on record.  Expect this trend to continue, unless they manage to master more nanotechnology techniques like bacterial ice nucleation in order to make it even more artifically cold.

“Globally 2017 looks like being even hotter than 2016, and so could be the fourth year in a row to be the hottest ever,” said Dr Richard Dixon, director of Friends of the Earth Scotland.  Hotter yes, sunnier... no.

“Our weather is becoming more extreme and more unpredictable, all of which is bad news for people trying to get on with their lives and brings major challenges for Scotland’s wildlife.”  An unfortunate result of replacing natural weather with geoengineering.

Dixon urged Scottish ministers to toughen their target to cut climate pollution to zero by 2040 instead of by 90 per cent by 2050. “This would not only help protect people here at home but aid the global struggle to stop climate change reaching catastrophic levels,” he said.  None of this will help, the only solution is to get to the origin of the entire problem, that being the destruction of the natural precipitation cycle.  Unfortunately global psyop efforts continue to hamper the work of the very few trying to speak out and provide some rare truth amidst a sea of mainstream media lies.

Dr Sam Gardner, acting director of WWF Scotland, pointed out that extreme weather events had been breaking climate records around the globe. “Climate change is already having real and serious impacts on people, places and nature, both in Scotland and around the world,” he said. Quote away Dr, quote away, this is just another useless stating facts comment that just reinforces the lack of any real effort to get to the bottom of the problem, academics prefer waffle over action.


One of the biggest fears facing scientists is that climate change has become impossible to control. Scientists say this would lead to more floods, droughts and heatwaves threatening millions around the planet.  Control is something they have much more of than you realise, starting with power plants, adding in metallic nanoparticles into the atmosphere, then controlling this mix of nanotechnology and water vapour with the global NEXRAD/doppler/phased array grid, providing frequency control of the clouds in order to create man-made weather systems.

Evidence that this is already happening has been uncovered by Professor James Curran, a renowned climate scientist and the former chief executive of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. He thinks that nature is losing its ability to store carbon and slow global warming.  Evidence of climate collapse, global burning and geoengineering has been uncovered for many years by WeatherWar101 and Scottish Chemtrails. We KNOW that nature has lost its ability to provide natural weather, with global burning a result of this, not to mention decades of atmospheric military testing, it all adds up.

He has studied data from the world’s best record of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere at Mauna Loa Observatory on Hawaii. He looked at the annual drop in CO2 concentrations every spring and summer in the northern hemisphere to estimate how effectively trees and plants were capturing carbon.  CO2 continues to get the blame and so called scientists continue to skirt around the truth, while everyone lines their pockets and the world burns...

Leaves absorb CO2 as they grow and feed carbon compounds into the soil, a vital natural process that helps store pollutants that would otherwise disrupt the climate. It had been thought that additional growth triggered by carbon emissions might help reduce climate change.  Yet again though, they are missing the point.  Get to the source of the problem, that of centuries of industrialisation polluting the atsmosphere, the climate collapsing and the covering up of all this with geoengineering and the global psyop efforts to cover it up. Power plants are now our source of rain on Earth, more than 65,0000 worldwide. Add in nanotechnology and doppler radars and you have the primary components for a replacement, man-made and engineered precipitation cycle.

According to Curran, this happened until 2006 but since then natural carbon capture has been in decline. “Excessive heat, droughts, wildfires, pests and diseases, wind storms and floods can damage natural vegetation and crops to such an extent that their ability to absorb carbon begins to decline,” he said. I remember the wild fires in Scotland around 2006, but the problem cannot be blamed on plants not absorbing enough carbon.

Curran said these early warnings were "very serious and concerning", adding: "This is what may, ultimately, create runaway or uncontrollable climate change.” What is very serious and concerning is how so many apparently intelligent academics around the globe fail to see the truth, I guess University education creates easy to brainwash and deceive slaves of science...

Curran has published two peer-reviewed studies in the UK Royal Meteorological Society's journal, Weather. He concludes that the declining ability of natural vegetation to absorb carbon is responsible for 30 per cent of global emissions.  Just by publishing studies in such a journal, should tell you enough... it's yet another mouthpiece of fraudulent science and global intelligence, continuing the lies they have been working hard at preserving for many centuries.

He pointed out that carbon dioxide levels were rising faster than ever, despite man-made emissions flat-lining for the past three years. “It's because nature is damaged and can no longer absorb as much as it used to,” he told the Sunday Herald. It sounds like they are gearing us up for the inevitable "now we'll admit that geoengineering is the only official solution" despite it happening covertly for a very long time, soon they will be charging you for sunshine during the summer...

“Ecosystems across the world are failing and are no longer so capable of sucking carbon out of the atmosphere. Climate change will begin to accelerate, despite our best efforts to reduce emissions, unless we urgently rebuild and reinvigorate our natural systems.”  I'm willing to bet that "reinvigoration" will involve any number of geoengineering techniques which will become public knowledge.

A recent analysis by the conservation group, WWF, concluded that there had been a 58 per cent decline in world populations of fish, birds, mammals and other animals between 1970 and 2012. Another study showed that 700 species of endangered mammals and birds had already been negatively impacted by climate change.  Another joke organisation, the WWF will not respond when questioned about weather control, yet again highlighting exactly who's payroll they are on.  This is known as the statistical part of the article, backing up the bad news in the previous statement with numbers.

Curran is calling for Scotland to take a lead in restoring nature by joining up its two national parks around Loch Lomond and the Cairngorms. Ministers should consider reconnecting natural habitats “all the way from Balloch to Grantown, then look, beyond that, to link across to Lochaber and the Tummell and Tay valleys,” he said. I do agree that we need to both take the lead and restore nature, but on a much bigger scale than just national parks.

“It's really urgent and I think Scotland has the knowledge, the will, and the potential to do it.”  Again I agree, it is very urgent, we have the will and potential, but first we need to escape the lies of a system designed to prevent honest researchers uncovering the truth and taking power away from those in control.

"I think it is really urgent that every one of you actually pays some more attention to the weather outside and the research of those trying hard to tell you that something is very wrong with climate change.  It's time to face facts and see that I have nothing to gain for sticking my neck out and trying to tell you the truth, the least you can do is listen or review the evidence like any good detective would do." scottishchemtrails

The Scottish Government accepted that the impacts of climate change were intensifying. “Our climate change adaptation programme is ensuring that Scotland is well prepared and resilient to our changing climate,” said a spokesperson. A scottishchemtrails spokesperson said that the Scottish Government will lead you to a very dark place if they do not tell the truth and help us all stand up together against the industrial controllers of this planet.

“Our proposals for a new climate change bill include an emissions reduction target of at least 90 per cent by 2050, strengthening Scotland’s place as a leading low-carbon economy.”

"My proposal is that you at least pay attention to those trying to deceive you on a daily basis, they will only make things much worse than they already are..."


Climate change in Scotland means more:

heatwaves - global burning

droughts - global burning

rain - geoengineering attempts to "squelch" global burning

floods - geoengineering saturating the atmosphere due to imperfect techniques

high winds - manipulation of the jetstream using the global Nexrad/doppler/phased array grid

storms - see above

lightening - shearing of the atmosphere from the extreme weather manipulation techniques above

wild fires - what happens if they let global burning happen unchecked, or don't keep the rain on constantly

landslides - a result of constant manufactured rainfall flooding the land and overloading the soil

coastal erosion - geoengineering creating extreme storms is bound to cause more erosion

subsidence - collapsing ground, again a result of the weather control techniques employed

pests - more warm weather means more pests, more disasters means better conditions for disease...

diseases - see above
At risk from climate change in Scotland are:



coastal communities

public health

food safety




power stations


wind farms

golf courses




winter wheat





game birds





The world’s ten hottest years since 1880

1. 2016

2. 2015

3. 2014

4. 2010

5. 2013

6. 2005

7. 2009

8. 1998

9. 2012

10. 2007

Scotland’s ten hottest years since 1910

1. 2014

2. 2006

3. 2003

4. 2007

5. 2004

6. 2005

7. 2011

8. 1997

9. 2002

10. 1945

If you would like more detailed answers or more evidence to review, then start with the videos below then move on to any of the links on this blog or Youtube channel:

The WeatherWar101 Interview:

Undeniable Frequency Control:

Heatwave, Floods, and Hail: Global Burning and The Water Cycle:

I'll explain the daily process of Geoengineering in a bit more detail for anyone new to the topic of climate collapse and weather control as the next few days will provide a lot of evidence that you can easily see for yourself.

After a night with little cloud cover to let the heat from the previous day escape, a clear morning sees many chemtrails being left in the sky, adding metallic nanoparticles (frequency controllable components) which are piezoelectric - activated by the global NEXRAD/doppler/phased array grid around the globe.  These nanoparticles really like sunlight and you'll often see the clouds stretching towards the sun, see the time-lapse videos on our YouTube channel for years worth of evidence of this.

Yes, they have been adding nanoparticles to jet fuel for some time:
Combustion characteristics of colloidal droplets of jet fuel and carbon based nanoparticles

This creates cloud cover and then incoming water vapour, originating in the many thousands of power plants across the Atlantic, mixes in and allows the UK NEXRAD network to control the clouds, creating unnatural shapes and blocking the sun as it travels across the sky, utilising heterodyning frequencies which are easily recognisable.

This is global burning management, a daily attempt to stop the runaway, increasing temperatures around the globe which is due to the natural precipitation cycle being destroyed by more than a century of industrialisation.

After a day of sun blocking, you will regularly see the cloud shield break up just after sunset, so the heat trapped during the day can escape and the process begins again, unless they are manufacturing a storm or another aspect of what was once natural weather, in order to pretend that there is nothing wrong, it's business as usual, just go back to your slave life and don't ask any questions, despite what your eyesight, logic and intuition tells you.

Meanwhile they also expect you to believe that 12+ "new" cloud types have suddenly been created by nature (New cloud types - proof of geoengineering) while global flash floods and freak storms, passed off as natural or just "climate change" continue to destroy lives. (Proof: Worldwide Massive Flooding is All Manmade).

The above description is not the only techniques they use to modify the climate and control the weather.

Welcome to planet matrix, time to wake up and claim back our planet from the billionaires and royals that control it....

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