Wednesday, 13 March 2019

18 August 2018 - Glasgow

In my absence it looks like nothing has changed and everyone still needs properly educated on climate collapse, doppler radars, nanotechnology and global geoengineering as it now looks like we have about 20 years left before the planet turns into Mars 2.0, or worse and the singularity of Kurzweil's transhumanism agenda will happen (purported to be around 2040) and 5G will be used to open the gates of hell...

With any luck those destroying nature and controlling the world will all die off before then but i'll not hold my breath.  Luckily i've still been recording evidence daily so now it is time to catch up and continue posting undeniable evidence of the horrific reality we inhabit that is designed to distract us from evolving.

As I have many months of catch up to do this will take some time and i'll probably write very little when doing so.  The evidence speaks for itself and i've written plenty on the topic already, so I added the recent NEXRAD summary post as a page now so it is easily available.

Any new readers of this blog are advised to review the links on the right of the page, watch all of WeatherWar101's excellent videos and as many time-lapse videos as you can from our Youtube channel.  Those with open eyes, a logical and inquisitive mind will soon get up to speed.

Scottish Chemtrails

18 August 2018

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