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22 August 2018 - Glasgow

Understand NEXRAD doppler radars with dual polarization capability, understand the destruction of natural weather, understand the role played by power plants throwing water vapour into the atmosphere, understand nanoparticle injection and the prolific use of nanotechnology today, understand the lies and misdirection designed to prevent you from learning the truth and allowing maniacs to continue to control every aspect of our lives without our permission.  Understand that almost everything you hold dear is a lie.  Understand the above and you will understand global burning and Geoengineering.  Once that has all sunk in it is time to get angry and take action.  Tell others about our blog and youtube channel.  Show others the incredible research of Weather War 101.  For the sake of your future do something....
"The rising/lowering of clouds are longitudinal pressure waves. The frequency of NEXRAD is in the microwave band (like the ovens), meaning that it is operating at a molecular, not atomic, level. The radio pulses are modulating the inter-atomic distances between water vapor molecules, which is easily done because a cloud is in the vapor state with two degrees of freedom.

Demonstration: put a sheet of paper flat on your desk. Moisten fingertips and place a finger from each hand on opposite sides of the paper and push together. What happens? The center of the paper jumps up in a wave-like arc. This is what is happening with cloud layers - it is a compression in the horizontal, radial direction, not the vertical, which is why no effects are exhibited on the ground or the sky above (which would affect overflying aircraft).

The rolling clouds are a result of shear strain between vertical pressure zones moving in opposite directions. Look at the spots on Jupiter and Saturn... opposite flows produce rotation. You can identify the direction of air movement in the pressure zones by the direction of rotation. This is quite common in coastal areas, particularly near sunset, because the air over the ocean moves very differently than the air over land and is responsive to thermal changes."

22 August 2018

22.08.18 - NEXRAD Heterodyning - Nanoparticle Clouds Block Sunset:

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