Monday 12 August 2013

Meteorologist Decodes Chemtrails, HAARP and Weather Manipulation

Anyone still doubting the truth about chemtrails and Geoengineering should watch this 12 minute video, taken from Harold Saive's Youtube channel.  Scott Stevens will be known to some of you from other documentaries or his excellent website:


CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE for SECRET CONTRAIL AEROSOL GEOENGINEERING In 2010 Aerospace Engineers submitted conclusive evidence for Covert Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, (aka "Chemtrails") in the landmark 336 page report: "CASE ORANGE". The report was commissioned by THE BELFORT GROUP (UK), who held a "CHEMTRAILS SYMPOSIUM" where the conclusions were presented by Aerospace Engineer, Dr. Coen Vermeeren. -- ALSO: The term "chemtrails" is in the text of 2001 legislation (HR-2977) defined as an "exotic weapon".

HR-2977 legislation "Chemtrails":

Documentary: What In The World Are They Spraying?:

Documentary: Why In The World Are They Spraying? (Trailer)

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