Monday, 10 February 2014

‎09 ‎February ‎2014 - Chemtrails & Flightradar 24

When a huge chemtrail was left in the sky just after 5pm last night I was shooting a time-lapse and thought I would post the Flightradar 24 screenshot I took to see if this was a commercial flight or military one.  Go to 42 seconds in to see the chemtrail

‎09 ‎February ‎2014 - Chemtrails/SRM Time-lapse 4:49pm-5:31pm

‎09 ‎February ‎2014, ‏‎17:14

The plane in the video is flying on a north/west heading but from looking out the window it appears to be between Lochwinnoch and Johnstone on the map.  The larger plane to the far left, a BA flight, may be going in a similar direction but would be out of view over where the sunset is on the video and also much further behind the chemtrail plane.

It just highlights (and you'll see many more if you start checking regularly) just how full our sky is of military aircraft and how hardly anyone bats an eyelid, even with them leaving chemtrails everywhere and creating the haze/clouds to block the sun on a daily basis.

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