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Join the VHS Chemtrail Research Project

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I was watching an old movie from the 1980's on TV a few nights ago, and I couldn't help but notice some very conspicuous chemtrails during certain scenes. Since some say the chemtrailing started in earnest in the mid-90's and that Hollywood has been digitally adding chemtrails to old movies and TV shows as part of the geoengineering coverup, I think it's time to do a little test...

The next time you find yourself watching a pre-1990 movie on television or DVD, keep a lookout for any chemtrails in scenes which show the sky. If you spot some, I invite you to go out and find an old VHS copy of that movie (a VHS tape that was actually manufactured in the 80's) and see if the taped version contains the chemtrail(s). The idea is to compare an old analog version of the movie to a new digital version to spot any digitally-added chemtrails.

I will start doing this myself, and if I find any incidences of Hollywood mischief, I'll post comparison pictures and videos.

[Update 1 - 23 February 2014]

I found a video on YouTube which seems to show a chemtrail added to a commercial. It shows how a Virgin Train commercial used clips from an old movie and added chemtrails to the clips.

Here is a clip from the unaltered movie...

Here is the same clip from the Virgin commercial...
...Note the digitally-added chemtrail in the upper left corner. Also note how they "milked up" the sky. It appears they added a hill (on the left) and tree (on the right) as well. Compare the green grass framed by the fence in both pictures.

A second clip from the unaltered movie...

The same clip from the Virgin commercial...
...with the same added chemtrail, milky sky, and other mods.

If you know any chemtrail deniers, showing them a VHS of a movie alongside a DVD of the same movie with added chemtrails should be an effective way of getting their attention. People understand movies.

[Update 2 - 23 February 2014]

The False Light and Chemtrails

As longtime readers of this blog know, I'm not one of those who are expecting a dark, scary New World Order unfoldment. I'm expecting the Occulted Powers to roll out a bunch of false-light saviors to take down the "Dark Western Cabal" and start a smiley-faced NWO featuring nanny-style fascism. And in the course of that false-light rollout, I expect them to stop the chemtrails. It will be one of the ways they establish their bona fides as "the good guys." I nonetheless choose to raise awareness of this issue just in case I'm wrong.

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Time to check out those old videos and photo's...

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  1. Its any old movie remastered in 1080p The Wayward Bus is a classic example from 1955, they have been adding chemtrails to all torrented movies. I have been gathering VHS to prove my point. It is my belief torrents are being allowed to diseminate this misinformation and fraud. ALL MOVIES ARE BEING REMASTERED WITH CHEMTRAILS AND CHEMY WHITEWASHED SKIES, ALL MOVIES. ITS so young people can never get a grasp on what the sky looked like. It is such a sick crime I have no words to describe this monstrous evil.