Monday 16 June 2014

Cloudy with BBC mainstream disinformation

This will probably not come as much of a surprise but the BBC recently took advantage of some photo's of HAARP in action, sent in by readers, in order to pretend that what people are seeing in the sky is "normal" when it is anything but normal.

As followers of this blog and the Geoengineering and Solar Radiation Management agenda will recognise, there is nothing natural about these "reticular" and "lenticular" clouds.  You only need to view the time-lapse videos on the Scottish Chemtrails YouTube Channel to see the difference between a still image and what's happening in the sky when viewed at a faster speed.

Unfortunately for the elite who are doing this, the evidence continues to mount against them and as more people wake up we can start to take back our basic human right to sunlight, only the most essential thing to life on this planet, which is being taken away from us.

I would urge anyone taking photo's of the sky like this to download a free time-lapse app for their phone, such as Droid Time-lapse, and set it to record the rising or setting sun or any cloud formations like the ones seen below.

Only then will you see the extent of the weather manipulation going on overhead:

Cloudy with a chance of meteorological wonders

Readers of the BBC News Scotland website have sent in images of spectacular cloud formations and sunsets.
The images were taken on Wednesday in the Highlands, Fife and West Lothian.
Clouds over Holm Mains, Inverness
Clouds photographed from Holm Mains in Inverness.
Clouds over Lochcarron
Stanley Jackson said he captured reticular clouds over Lochcarron.
Clouds above Kinglassie, Fife
Clouds above Kinglassie in Fife.
Clouds from Portobello, Edinburgh
A picture taken from Portobello by Joanne Baird.
Sky over Black Isle
Davy Gardiner took a series of images of the unusual sky over the Black Isle.
Sky over Black Isle
The clouds in Mr Gardiner's photographs resembled UFOs.
Sky above Inverness
The sky above Inverness.
Steven Williams captured another weather feature over Ardkinglas in Argyll on Wednesday night. He said what looks like an upside down rainbow is an circumzenithal arc caused by the refraction of sunlight through horizontally-oriented ice crystals.


Isn't it funny how they fail to mention the planes flying past all day long, spraying aerosols that leave large chemtrail streaks that turn into haze and clouds and is manipulated by electromagnetic and ELF frequencies from phased array facilities like HAARP, EISCAT, GWEN... and all this while consistently blocking every sunrise and sunset.  The sky looks more like a scene from a sci-fi film these days than the blue sky I remember from many years ago, and there is plenty more where that came from:
If you watch the mainstream weather forecasters you may have been wondering why there seems to be a lot of offshore haze, mist and cloud cover these days.... there is nothing "spectacular" about blocked sunsets and HAARP cloud manipulation:

Don't be fooled by the mainstream, lack of information is the same as disinformation.  The evidence is there for those who look, just because they aren't talking about something on TV doesn't mean that it isn't happening, they know it is and I hope the TV weather reporters can sleep well at night knowing the lies the sprout on a daily basis.  Time to look up... or at least listen to Bill, he had the mainstream media figured out a long time ago:

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