Tuesday, 25 November 2014

‎25 ‎November ‎2014 - Satellite Photos

With the central belt of Scotland under the cloud shield all day and seeing nothing but a white sky, it looks like the western isles saw plenty of large chemtrails being left by all the air traffic flying past on their way to Iceland and across the Atlantic.

NEXRAD EM ripples can also be seen in the clouds which is further evidence of manipulation of the atmosphere, spreading the chemtrail haze to create the cloud shield and keep it in place over the centres of population.  You can see the population density overlay in the final two images.

25 November ‎2014 - Aqua/MODIS

25 November ‎2014 - Aqua/MODIS zoom west

25 November ‎2014 - Aqua/MODIS zoom east

25 November ‎2014 - Terra/MODIS

25 November ‎2014 - Terra/MODIS zoom west

25 November ‎2014 - Terra/MODIS zoom east

25 November ‎2014 - Terra/MODIS zoom2 western isles

25 November ‎2014 - Aqua/MODIS population density

25 November ‎2014 - Terra/MODIS population density

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