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Geoengineering: "Lake Effect Snow Machine" Buffalo 11-20-14

It's worth posting Weather War 101's latest video on the current weather modification going on in the USA since it is everywhere in the mainstream and affecting millions.  It's time people realized the truth of what's going on, before things get even worse.

The following will never be shown on TV and is added with an excellent summary and comments on the whole situation that just highlights the deception and psyop agenda all around us, especially with the "weather"...

Published on 24 Nov 2014

Anyone notice that “Meteorological reporting” on these manufactured storm systems, covers everything except meteorology? If you want a traffic report, or want to know the status of your local football field for this weekend’s game, or what department at Walmart to get a hot meal at – Meteorologists are apparently the ones to turn to. If you want to understand how a year’s worth of snow materializes in three days – I suggest you turn here.

How does one, as a meteorologist, start a report by saying “A year’s worth of snow in a few days is just too much to bear,” then spend the rest of the report talking about living in Walmart and cooking up community stew – instead of explaining where that year’s worth of snow came from? How do you say “It’s incredible how this snow has fallen. Here you have six feet, go a few miles and you’ll find only a few inches,” and not explain how that is remotely possible+?

Saying “Bands of snow setting up” is not meteorological reporting or explanation. Saying “and you can see that wind pattern shifting across, and we watch as that band of lake effect snow slides to the south, and then finally dissipates.“ is not meteorological reporting or explanation. Saying “Pavement is actually available there,” is not meteorological reporting or explanation. Saying “On a 100x150 foot roof, we could be talking a million pounds of snow” is not meteorological reporting or explanation – of where a million pounds of snow per roof came from in three days. These misdirection specialists are becoming too painfully obvious to even watch… and I’m very curious who is spoon-feeding them these tidbits of anti-information to parrot to the general public.

For me however, It was also another long weekend spent on rendering, so during yesterday’s 15 hour run making this video (which was attempt number two after the first one failed), I went outside for a bit.

The first thing I noticed, was that the refrigerated cold was over. I had checked the temperature before heading out (51 degrees), but it felt warmer than that. Almost no one had gloves on, and some people didn’t even have jackets on.

Then I got to a stretch of sunlight, and it was warmer still. Just as I was wondering how long they would let the air warm up like this (because it is such tremendous effort to get it cold in the first place – or again), I looked up between the buildings and saw a big fat chemtrail in the clear blue sky, already starting to widen.

In the span of five minutes, I saw another… then another… then another… then a sheet of chemcloud cover that looked like a plate started to slide in from another direction… then you could see layers of it hit with Nexrad Frequency… then before you know it, is was starting to haze up and block the sun. Clearly, I’m quite in touch with the impetus and process at this point. Not a second goes by that I am not immensely grateful for my ever-evolving awareness of reality… on all levels for that matter.

Meanwhile, the annual mega shopping season is obviously upon us once again, and as to be expected people were out en-mass hitting the shops (not that they aren’t always anyway). Yet the population is so pre-occupied, misdirected, and anesthetized, that in a city where surely millions of people are out in the street on a Sunday, not one of them notices the orchestrated spectacle going on in the sky right above their heads.

This is hardly the only massive charade being perpetrated on this species that it is entirely oblivious to, but it’s clearly the most obvious. Anyone on Earth can choose to wake up and recognize this one, at any time they choose. In fact, its obviousness, its global visibility and uniformity, and its ease of understanding (with a little time and effort) are why I chose this issue as the foundation of my work.

But from my perspective as it has developed over the last couple of decades, I see literally nothing – but charade… and it forces me to wonder how long that has been the case. The fact of the matter is this species has been consistently lied to for half a million years, has no conceptual or functional understanding of Origin or why it behaves – or is driven the way it is, exists in a Disneyland smorgasbord of history transformed in to Religion and Mythology, and it’s very clear to me now that capitalizing on this long running stream of anti-knowledge, is the very foundation of this current civilization, and is how it has been ‘managed’ – up to now. Clearly… this is a topic for another time.

My point is, deception not only isn’t an exception on this planet, not only is the rule, it is the foundation of civilization and existence – at this point in human history. Granted, that is a great deal to process and accept, but it is what is. For instance, this species still propagates the delusion that the Pyramids (that exist all over the planet mind you) where elaborate tombs built by slaves, that prove more celestial knowledge, understanding of time, and engineering genius than all of mankind could currently produce, even if it somehow managed to figure out how to work together as One Species. It’s more preposterous and less plausible than Flat Earth theory, yet the majority of the population of this planet and this “Civilization” call that deliberate misdirection and deception “History,” and incorporate it into their perspective and understanding of this world.

Although I’m sure it seems I’m painting a rather grim picture of reality, I’m really not. I’m painting a rather grim picture of illusion. What’s going on on this planet currently is so far removed from reality, it’s hard for even me to qualify. To Intelligence in the Universe, I have little doubt that this orphaned and lost species existing on cobbled together smoldering fairytale remnants of the past, and ruled by greed, ignorance, and denial of actual history on every level, looks like exactly that. After all, it looks like that to me… and I’m standing right here.

But none of this is what Man “Is” at all. Man – is so very much more… as is Life… as is Existence. One of the hardest parts of Evolution of Spirit (as I have learned from extensive expertise) is letting go of the familiar and pre-programmed ways and beliefs, and recognizing them as Not Reality. On an individual basis it’s hard enough. For an entire species to achieve, it requires all but an Act of Universe. For and individual to be able to take these Evolutionary steps within a species and civilization struggling to make the same Evolutionary steps, in opposition to the “Civilization” built on deception is… well, you know how hard it is, because it the experience each and every one of us is going through on this planet – right now.

I’ll close with this. My father used to tell me a story when I was a child. It was the story of the “Optimist and the Pessimist.”

A very wealthy man had two sons. He loved both of his sons very much and equally, but they were very different. One child regardless of circumstances or what he had, was a happy and joyful ball of light, and took pleasure in everything he did. The other son seemed exactly the opposite. The angry and moody child seems to take no joy in anything, and was never content.

The father chose to conduct an experiment. He put each of his sons in a large room of their home. The room he put his pessimist son in was filed with glorious toys, delicious foods, and every pleasant distraction the father could think of. For the optimist son, he filled the room almost to the ceiling with nothing but manure… except for a shovel at the top of the mound.

The father left his two sons alone and returned in an hour. He came back to his pessimist son’s room to find all the toys smashed to pieces, the food thrown all over the walls, and his son angrily sitting in the corner. Before he even reached his optimist son’s room he could already hear cheerful whistling, and he found his son happily digging away at the top of pile.

Puzzled and intrigue the father asked “My son, what is it you are doing?” The son turned with a big smile on his face and replied “Well Father, there has to a pony in here somewhere!”

I still often wonder why he used to tell me that story. My father, was anything but an optimist. However, I suspect he must have clearly recognized what he saw in me… because I’ve been looking for the pony ever since. Reality is the Pony, and seeking it – is all there is.


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