Wednesday 30 September 2015

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I received the following comment earlier regarding my statement in a previous post, that the plane that did at least 4 loops (at least 8 according to @SirCustaCant on Twitter) around Glasgow yesterday (29/09/2015) was not showing on FlightRadar.
"The plane was on radar. Get your facts right." on 29 ‎September ‎2015 - Glasgow (3)
Fortunately I had taken a screenshot of FlightRadar at the time, 18:08:41, which you can see below along with the photographs taken either side of this at 18:06:35 and 18:09:59.  At first I thought the plane looked to be turning round over East Kilbride and as you can see from the red circle on the screenshot which indicates where it was in the sky, it would have been on FlightRadar in this position but distance can be deceptive:





Well it turns out that the commentor was correct and this plane has been identified as the Glex from the FlightRadar screenshot above.  Here is the full flight path taken from an online article and proof that the military are also heavily involved in geoengineering, not just commercial flights that fly past:

I'm pretty sure that from the evidence posted from yesterday that everyone can see that this was no "training" flight:
An RAF spokesman said the flight was a "routine" Sentinel mission - used for ground surveillance and mapping - adding "we fly, it's what we do". 
Sure it is.....

29 ‎September ‎2015 - Glasgow (3)

It really is time to wake up.... maybe people will pay more attention when they find out that our water is 400 times more toxic than normal due to all the barium, strontium and nanoparticles that rain down on our food and water supply every single day as a result of global geoengineering, along with the fact that Scottish Power, Scottish Water and other corporations pay handsome backhanders in order to suppress the evidence of this from labs but rest assured, they will soon all be exposed....

29 ‎September ‎2015

29 ‎September ‎2015 - Terra/MODIS Britain

29 ‎September ‎2015 - Terra/MODIS Britain

29 ‎September ‎2015 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

29 ‎September ‎2015 - Glasgow (2)

The plane shown in these photos and the next batch looped around Glasgow at least 4 times this evening leaving a massive chemtrail loop behind it, adding to the mess of nanoparticles already in the sky which then moved west to block the setting sun, as observed every single day since I began recording the sky...

29 ‎September ‎2015

29 ‎September ‎2015 - Glasgow (1)

All of the "weather" in the sky over Glasgow today was completely manufactured....

29 ‎September ‎2015