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24 ‎July ‎2016

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"Wilhelm Reich was a brilliant student of psychology who made discoveries related to the reproductive process and the generation of energy. Before he moved into this territory, he was a renowned intellectual, celebrated for his analytic mind, and passionate political stance against the fascist movements of his time. His research into the function of the human orgasm and its potential for use in creating growth and healing human beings changed all of that. What Reich proposed next was only peripherally linked to human sexuality, but in 1950s America, that was more than enough. The Elite used this aspect of Reich’s work to launch a devastating attack against the once-respected man and cause the incredible progress that he had made in his groundbreaking research to grind to a halt.

Reich’s discovery was a form of energy he called “orgone,” a positive life force naturally occurring in the earth’s atmosphere. He proposed that, if concentrated properly, this energy could be used for numerous beneficial purposes. Even so, he came under intense scrutiny. Reich created “orgone accumulators,” boxes that would collect this energy for use in treating, and potentially curing, various diseases, particularly cancer, sterility, and impotency. The connection is obvious. Cancer causes a malignant growth that ends life, while sterility and impotency are manifestations of a fundamental inability to manifest the material that creates new life. Reich theorized that orgone energy could be used to reverse the cancerous process, and restore the reproductive function to those affected by sterility and impotency.

In addition to this innovative research, Reich began to create devices he called “cloudbusters,” machines that would project accumulated orgone energy into the atmosphere, creating rain that would be particularly beneficial for growing crops, and reversing periods of drought. The early testing of both these technologies began to show promise. His critics point to the fact that Reich enjoyed only limited success, and some debate whether he had any real results at all, but this is somewhat spurious. Reich’s period of research, from his discovery of orgone energy to the period that his work was destroyed by the government Elite, lasted a mere eight years, and his experiments were largely funded by himself, or donors who had faith in his abilities. To develop such revolutionary technology, even government-funded corporations with literally billions of dollars to work with, and virtually unlimited laboratory access, take longer than that to produce far less impressive results than what Reich’s early work demonstrated in the field of agriculture.

Even so, the Elite were content to rob him of his teaching position and publicly discredit his work. The trouble didn’t start until Reich identified the cause of the droughts and diseases themselves, something he called “Deadly Orgone Radiation.” If orgone were the life force, this would be the death force, spreading famine and disease anywhere it accumulated. The potential for creation and healing was of little interest to the Elite. The potential for destruction, however, was quite a different story.

Shortly after this significant breakthrough in his research, Reich was taken to federal court, ordered to cease the production of orgone related equipment, and halt all of his research. The public will never know what might have come of Reich’s work, because in a terrifying act of censorship, the Food and Drug Administration destroyed all of his notes and equipment in a massive book burning after a raid on his laboratory. One would assume that, if Reich had been the “kook” that the government was attempting to portray him as, they would have been more than happy to make his research public. If it was easy to discredit his work, why burn all of the evidence? People make stranger claims than Reich’s, based on less research. Reich was charged with fraud, but it was the FDA, not the people who had bought orgone accumulators from him, that was actually behind the assault. Perhaps the threat that Reich posed to the corporate Elite, who would find it difficult to profit from an energy that occurs naturally throughout the earth’s atmosphere, was too great. Indeed, this would seem to be the case. Although Reich was imprisoned, he vowed to continue his research upon release. Alas, this extraordinary thinker died of a mysterious heart attack just one week before his scheduled parole in 1957. While a generation of idealists mourned his passing, politicians, sex-phobic reactionaries, and the Corporate Elite, who had other plans for the business of agriculture, celebrated."

23 ‎July ‎2016

23 July ‎2016 - Terra/MODIS Britain

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22 ‎July ‎2016

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