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27 ‎June ‎2018 - Glasgow

Some more information for you all to help understand global burning and geoengineering:

How does this fit into the Global Warming scam??

Well... Global Warming is not a scam - and THAT is the scam. Global Warming is very real (in fact it should be called Global Burning), and it has been in full effect for several decades. Keeping people arguing about whether it is 'real' or not, and keeping people arguing about CO2, keeps people from seeing Climate Collapse, right in front of them.

+WeatherWar101 This is crazy..When you had the nexrad map up did you notice how active the systems were in South exactly where the drought area is located?

Those systems in the South are pretty much always that active (particularly in Texas and Florida area).  All of that massive Frequency Rotation 'spins' storms systems up the East Coast, and creates the necessary cross winds (wind shear).

It's not exactly related to the drought however. If you recall, they have hit that area several times this year with massive storms, but it hasn't made much difference. The two primary reasons are that the drought is a continuous condition now in the United States. So areas that show it to this degree, are simply showing "normal" conditions, that haven't been covered up by massive Water Vapor Generation rainfalls.

The other reason is the Water Vapor Generation itself. All states use huge amounts of water to fire it up into the air, and the water is intended to be replenished by the previous states' (up wind) doing the same. This way (in theory) rain generated by previous states, refills the water. It certainly doesn't always work out that way in practice however, as you can see in the south right now. California is another continuous example of this constant drought condition because there aren't any states upwind of California. Thus, since generating enough WV from the Pacific poses so many problems (preventing rain from falling on California), whatever California fires into the air, doesn't get replenished.

If you search my videos for "California Drought" you find a series of videos explaining and illustrating this reality.

WeatherWar101 one question if i may. this all seems very real but if it is true then why would the government push for the shut down of coal powered plants? they would lose this ability to pump wv into air right?

Yes... exactly right. That fact is more evidence that this global program is not at all run by this government. As I say frequently, this global grid is run on the industrial level. The government didn't even have limits on CO2 emissions for power plants until a couple of years ago, and still has no standards for Water Vapor at all. This government (as is the case with almost all world governments) seems to be in the dark about about the existence of the global geoengineering grid, as everyone else.

Not that there aren't some people complicit at every level of course.

+WeatherWar101 Is it possible that they are pumping up those temperatures to support the global warming tax policy and, at the same time, creating these storms to scare the shit out of people and own the weather to control the consequences?

+Kila Krumpira Doesn't answer the question at all, does it. Anytime someone starts an explanation by saying "Chemtrails and HAARP," they are announcing that they are programmed by Controlled Opposition Disinformation, or that they are deliberately complicit in peddling such information. Period. The second part of your question is likely, the first part is not. Keeping people in fear, confused, and blaming strawman sources (like God and Mother Nature) is a primary aspect of this - and all of these operations. As I say frequently, there is a big difference between geoengineering for making needed rain, vs geoengineering to deliberately create destructive storms. The only logical reason to create such storms - is to create the fear and destruction that comes with them. No action at all is required to 'pump up' temperatures. If you'll notice (and I have covered it in detail), the absence of Massive Water Vapor Generation is the only thing required for the temperature to instantly go up all by itself. The "Global Carbon Tax" is another strawman misdirection however. Saying "taxes" is a buzzword that automatically gets people feeling negatively about something, and that is basically the theory behind that misdirection. There has been no legislative support for carbon tax, there isn't any national carbon tax anyway (supposedly a few states have some version), and these taxes would be levied against industry - no the individuals. So, carbon taxes don't even currently exist, wouldn't affect the average person personally if they did, and the reality of the Global Geoengineering Grid has existed for over a half a century without them. Therefore saying a tax that doesn't exist being the motive for a system that has existed for over 50 years, is another misdirection to keep people looking in the wrong direction. I hope that more sufficiently answers the question.

Yeah here in anchorage Alaska we do not get snow anymore. 2012 was our last year to have snow accumulation. :(

Yet, the cover story is that Alaska is where these sudden blasts of cold are coming from. Quite obviously, that is not the case.

Danny Kundzinsh
The satellite videos are not from satellites because satellites do not exist, notice how steady the footage is? because it's either a drone or a weather balloon, a satellite would move because the earth is supposed to rotate 1000mph.

I never post any of these mind-numbing "Flat Earth" misdirections, but I've this evasion several times. Do yourself a favor. If you are not a disinformation op intentionally pushing this nonsense, and you don't want to sound completely ignorant, go look up the word "geosynchronous."

At the end of video are you saying you believe the elite are creating these storms because the earths weather patterns have stopped or...what?

The natural Water Vapor Cycle collapsed a long time ago (late 70s and 80s were most likely the actual tipping point). Satellite imagery going back to the very first ones available (1960s) show the development of the Water Vapor Generation Grid was already in progress.

Let's say if this were true, which I don't believe it is, how do other areas in the world experience weather any different. Did their vapor cycle collapse too? Are their governments hiding a vapor generation system from them too?mWhat's the theory I'm curious? Also I'm fairly sure it is impossible for there to be NO precipitation because the earth isn't evenly heated.

Unwillingness to believe this - isn't at all relevant. It's as relevant as whether or not you 'believe' in the existence of the combustion engine. This global system exists, it can be observed every single day, and there is half a century of satellite imagery to prove it. There is only one Global Water Vapor Cycle. It didn't just collapse for the United States… it collapsed - period. Every place on earth where these severe weather events happen, this is exactly how they happen. If you want to see examples of this in the rest of the world, I have 200+ videos you can go through. I suggest you start with the ones below. Paris and Europe Floods – Proof all are Entirely Manmade Germany and Texas Floods: Proof Both are Entirely Manmade

because of not being good stewards of the earth, we now need this necessary evil and the people cry out to stop chemtrails, to stop weather modification, not realizing that those who seem evil are actually prolonging our daily lives, unfortunately they have not perfected it, so we still have loss of life and property, just on a smaller scale. If they stop it now, we all die a horrible death of burning in a season, if not overnight. This is the horrible reality we face as of now. Yikes!

Well… I certainly wouldn't go that far. There's nothing 'benevolent' about - any of this. As I say frequently, geoengineering to create needed rain is one thing. Geoengineering to create trillion-gallon floods, tornado swarms, hurricanes, etc., is an entirely different story. The only reason to create these severe weather storms, it to create the destruction. Not only is on purpose, it takes tremendous effort and coordination to create these destructive severe weather events. Every single devastating storm or flood in the thirty years - has been deliberately created. This can be proven very easily, simply by examine the satellite imagery. I guarantee, every single storm you examine, will have all of these manmade characteristics. That means all the death, and all the destruction, was intentional. So, they have coopted the "chentrails" community with 'controlled opposition' to keep the 'truthers' chasing their tails, they have deceived the entire species about the state of the climate collapse - simply to be able to keep 'business as usual and take no responsibility,' and they engineer destructive storms three times a week to keep people in fear 'God' and 'Mother Nature.' There's nothing remotely altruistic about this giant delusion.

Global Warming - Is Very Real:

Heatwave = Global Burning: Iran 165°:

Heatwave, Floods, and Hail: Global Burning and The Water Cycle:

27 ‎June ‎2018

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‎26 ‎June ‎2018 - Glasgow

Any time you see ripples in the clouds you are observing the doppler radar frequency control of the sky, masquerading as normal weather.  Of course throughout the day you will see a continual injection of metallic nanoparticles into the atmosphere (frequency controllable componenets) as they sky now resembles a scene from a sci-fi film instead of the natural weather I remember as a child...

26 ‎June ‎2018

26.06.18 - NEXRAD Cloud Control - Sunset Blocking: