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25 ‎July ‎2013 - A Closer Look...

As I mentioned in the previous post several strange features showed up on today's photo's when I viewed them on the PC.  Let's take a closer look:

‎25 ‎July ‎2013, ‏‎08:31:56 - Original:


Zoom 1:

Zoom 2:

Auto-level then crop:

Crop then auto-level:
I have no idea what this is, if anyone can enlighten me please get in touch... Possibly an electromagnetic anomaly  caused by HAARP?

There was no Sun at the time of the photo so it is not lens-flare, there were no immediate light sources around.  If this UFO is a craft of some sort I saw nothing in the sky at the time.


Now let's look at the next one, two objects of note, one a light source in the cloud at the bottom left and the other a dark streak at the top right:

25 ‎July ‎2013, ‏‎17:34:49 - Original:


Object 1, Zoom 1:

Object 1, Zoom 2:

Object 1, Crop then Auto-level:

Object 1, Invert Colours:

It wasn't raining at the time and the object is clearly in the clouds and definitely has form and structure.

The second object may be a bird or insect...

Object 2, Zoom 1:

Object 2, Zoom 1:

Object 2, Auto-level:

Object 2, Invert Colours:
 ...but it doesn't have the shape of a bird or insect, it looks more like a Rod.


The final picture has a bird in the middle next to another strange object:

25 ‎July ‎2013, ‏‎19:30:40 - Original:


Zoom 1:

Zoom 2 - Bird:

Zoom 1 - Object:

Object, Auto-level:

Object, Invert Colours:
Like object 1 in the previous photo this has form and structure, you can see the spherical shape and it looks like there is something hidden in the clouds, possibly moving and leaving a trail of light behind.

It is worth noting the following video of the Oaklahoma Tornado, unidentified lights in the sky often accompany storms and disasters:

Multiple UFOs Observe Oklahoma Tornadoes? 2013 HD

Published on 19 May 2013
Interesting footage from a TV news item which seems to show multiple objects watching the Tornadoes across the Great Plains. UFOs or something else, as always you decide.
Footage credit Michael Davino.

I also recommend the following:

Extreme Weather Phenomena Escalating Worldwide

Published on 7 May 2013
Over the past year the world has experienced unprecedented and bizarre weather phenomena - from record breaking heat and cold to increasing earthquake activity worldwide. It's not just global warming, but rather, a system wide surge of strange weather activity.

This video compiles extreme earth changes and weather events, with footage including meteors entering the atmosphere, sinkholes opening up worldwide, the discovery of dark lightning, increasing volcano activity, and a uniquely unusual UFO sighting in Ireland.

While this video does NOT imply extreme weather is a result of human activity - it does suggest that climate change is real and occurring all around us. Whatever the source, one may ask - will extreme weather define our world's history for decades to come?

For the answers you need to look at the big picture... however unreal this seems to most people:
This may be a lot to take it but trust me it's worth it.

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