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04 March 2017 - Glasgow

If you would like some more information on the Matrix system that we all are slaves to, then check out Alan Watt's excellent 'Cutting through the Matrix' website:
"So we live in an age where science runs the world, and science on behalf of the Masters who are the money boys at the top. They truly do believe in eugenics too. They believe that they are the most superior people, at the top. They prove it too, because they’ve held onto wealth for generations. Very, very important, that. Simply getting awfully, awfully rich isn’t enough. You’ve got to be able to prove it by going into genealogies. In other words, at least three or four, maybe five generations, maybe even more than that, at the very top, to show that your offspring are pretty well, again, standardized – like you are – at the top, and they will go into the same professions, and marry properly, meaning they’ll be matched up by outsiders with their mates, again, powerful families, and then they’ll have offspring too for their own progeny. That’s how they live, through their progeny, down to the ages.  So we’re living through a scientific society.

Now, even the weather is controlled today. There’s nothing new in this at all. They’ve been tampering with the weather, even during World War II, and afterwards as well, using different chemicals and techniques.  All this talk about geoengineering is all PR stuff really because the big boys at the top know they’ve been geoengineering us, steadily, on pretty well a daily basis across most of the world since 1998. I can remember the first day it really started in earnest, because the aircraft were about half the height they are today and there were far more of them as they put down the first big trails; they literally were in a checkerboard fashion. It was astonishing. It was like walking into a sci-fi, and that was reality. It’s astonishing. Since then the weather has been altered and they often kind of let leaks out of the bag here and there, that yes, that things definitely are being altered. The big boys to at the top have got a sort of futures market going to do with the food supply of the planet. What’s amazing too, that came out, it was a new thing, global manipulation of foodstuffs across the world to the highest buyers, and at the same time as all the chemtrailing started. Once you get really underway, out they came, started making profits by betting on which countries will have famines because of droughts, or flooding. And they’re pretty accurate now. Isn’t that amazing? The same guys just happened to be pretty accurate with their guesses at the same time when they’re manipulating the weather.

Now, weather warfare treaties have been signed at the United Nations since about 1970; they’ve been updated over the years with things added to them. But back in the first treaty they actually said, that it was now possible. In fact, it actually said, that it made the atom bomb obsolete.  Weather warfare. They could decimate a country so fast and so easily, and VISIBLY… I mean, who are you going to blame? if the ones who are behind it don’t admit to it?  They said they could use HAARP – that’s the high altitude auroral research program – which uses radio frequencies, high-powered, and pulsation, along with the spraying, and literally alter the weather into anything they wanted it to be. They can cause drought. They could cause flooding. They can cause earthquakes. And that was back then. So they signed an international treaty NOT to use it on each other in warfare. But all the treaties that they sign at the United Nations means that they could also use it upon their own people at home; that’s okay.  So it’s been going on, even though not one government will come out and talk about it. They’ve all been told to shut up."

04 March 2017

04 March 2017 - Terra/MODIS Britain

04 March 2017 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

04 March 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Scotland

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