Monday, 13 March 2017

10 March 2017 - Essex

A trip down south for the weekend, no prizes for guessing what colour the sky will be, or what observations will confirm... which is the usual; the daily geoengineering of our climate and manufacturing of the weather in order to try and slow down global burning, caused by the industrialists/bankers/corporations/military.

Don't let them fool you into thinking that we caused this with our carbon footprint, they are already making money from lies like this.  Many years worth of evidence can be found on this channel and over at WeatherWar101 proving this horrific reality....

10 March 2017

10 March 2017 - Terra/MODIS Britain

10 March 2017 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

10 March 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Essex

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