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08 March 2017 - Glasgow

Time for some more words of wisdom from Alan Watt while we continue the daily recording of global geoengineering, climate collapse and etheric weather control....
"Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 18th, 2014.  I’d just like to say that many people have emailed from all over, the world really, about the weather changes. And of course the weather changes are all planned that way because geoengineering has been going on constantly, continuously, not experimentally, since 1998. That’s when it really started big time in Ontario at least and other countries too.  Before of course, since even the 50s, they were doing lots of geoengineering experiments onwards over select areas to see the effects of weather modification.

I’ve gone through the history of weather modification and all the other effects they can produce too, with using electromagnetic energy, the HAARP technology, etc.  And going back to even Teller who came up with the idea of the H-bomb.  He talked about saturating the skies with metallic particles which make it more conductive to electrical impulses which could be controlled.  Of course we even have Brzezinski talking about that [in his book, Between Two Ages, in the chapter] The Technotronic Era, where he talks about using these waves across whole continents to pacify the people or change their moods and so on. They can actually make you anxious or depressed or simply placid, because we work on frequencies. Every cell in your body has its own frequency, every cell type that is, and by modifying that and getting close to it they can mimic it and then alter it slightly too. It works across the board with people.

But we’ve watched this geoengineering going on in concert with the global warming agenda, which is the big PR stunt to institutionalizing our way of talking and thinking and in conversations, the idea that we are causing all the problems on the planet, where in reality big scientific societies and agencies are working hard to give this impression.  I’ve mentioned so many times, and I can’t stress it enough, that Arthur C Clarke talked about the effects of advanced science on a primitive population, and he said that, it would appear as magic to the people

We think we are so advanced today, the average person, because of the Internet and so on; we think we know it all. And we don’t because we are way behind with all the techniques that are used, with all the scientific magazines which are low-level stuff, that’s research that’s been done, again, just starting basically on certain areas. Whereas the real searching was done a long time ago; and what you’re given for public consumption is obsolete to an extent too.  So we believe what they tell us, a lot of people do believe what they’re told because they get repetition, propaganda also works by repetition, until the public themselves start parroting it in their conversations.  I’ve gone through the history of this. Go into the archive section at and you’ll find talks I’ve given on this and the history of it and so on.  And the histories too of the non-governmental organizations which have tremendous power today, working under the United Nations umbrella.  The United Nations of course is an organization set up by a private organization already in existence, which was the Lord Alfred Milner group which became the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  They created all of these agencies, supranational agencies which are privately run. They set up the World Bank.  They set up the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements; I’ve gone through the history of that before too. So the next step of course is to use the scientific technique to control all of society. It’s already been done, actually, and most folk don’t know it.  They really don’t know that science rose up a long time ago, well-funded, well managed and organized and directed by the funders, the funders being an intelligentsia already in existence who came from very wealthy families. They hired the best minds they could find to create their organizations, like the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations.  And they’ve done it awfully well.

They set up the idea of the trading blocs and eventually to amalgamate the three main blocs under a world governmental agency down the road, which is almost here pretty well. In fact, we are global. We’ve heard that prattle about globalism for an awful long time, until again, it becomes institutionalized, as they call it themselves in their own writings. Once we prattle on about it, in the public, in general conversations, on a superficial level because most folk will prattle on about these things without ever digging into it themselves.  They’ve got bits and bytes of information and they simply prattle it off to each other in conversation and other folk think they know what it means too because they’ve heard the little bits and bytes as well, and they don’t go any deeper than that.

Anything done on a major scale is put out hypothetically to the public... If we were going to do this geoengineering what would the consequences be? That’s what they talk about at their big meetings. Of course the organizations they work for, the multitude of them, have already done all the research and they bring it together, and they also observe the effects as it happens, because it’s already been going on for a long time now. In other words, the major decisions are bypassed by the general public. We are told it’s in the future, and possibly, and maybe not at that, etc. etc., till it’s all very confusing.  And because we are trained to parrot what comes across from the news and from famous people, etc. we ignore what we see with our own eyes. Most folk do. Even when they see it, they’ve been watching the spraying for years, they don’t want to say, well, this is not how it used to be.

People have very short term memories today. They expect, like Brzezinski said, the media to do their reasoning for them. Therefore if no hassle and anxiety is drummed up by the media to be concerned about something, they will not be concerned. They will ignore their own conclusions or responses or even thinking or reasoning to do with what is happening above their heads, in fact, or why the weather is changing. It’s quite simple. And it’s quite astonishing too, that we’re so easy to manipulate in so many different ways; this is only one aspect of it.

So we have been told that the geoengineering, if they ever did it that is, it could have… once they noticed that we’re getting a lot of rain of course, they suddenly changed it, oh it could be lots of rain happening. Well, since November to April, the snow melted here in April in Ontario where I am, and since then it’s been raining. So from November till April the ground didn’t see any sun at all, pretty well; it was never bare because we didn’t have a big thaw like we usually have.  So we had a massive blanket of snow, lots of snow, more snow than I’ve seen for years.  Most folk here say that, the older guys say that they haven’t seen this since the early 1960s. So it’s back again, you see. But we see the spraying going on. Even with the short breaks in clouds that we see they’re still doing it. And sure enough, in the wintertime therefore you’re getting it coming down as snow and then it goes straight into rain. It’s rained here for about the last month pretty continuously, very little sunshine. And last night the temperature dropped right down to -3° Centigrade or about 29° Fahrenheit, round about that temperature. So we’re still in the freezing temperatures at night here and it’s cold during the day.

So the geoengineering is working awfully well. But eventually the public, the general public will get the message from the media to be concerned about the weather. Concern yourself about it... and then they will be concerned about it. Because the idea is to make you believe that you are the cause of it all. It’s so brilliant, isn’t it, how easy it is to manipulate millions or even billions of people by the information you receive. After all, why would anybody want to lie to you?

That’s how naïve we are. People didn’t used to be so naïve. I mean, up until just before TV came in folk distrusted governments. They distrusted them, across the world. Because they had a better education of the history of governments, and armies and standing armies and all these things and how a power elite could turn them against the people at any time they wish to, and they often did of course; that’s the history of the world. So eventually we will blame ourselves because that’s the intention. We’ll believe it because people will start to say, my God the weather is changing… They still won’t notice the spraying because it won’t be mentioned of course on the mainstream media.  Then of course you’ll be taught that science has to rule us even more, and that old governments and politics are obsolete because they represent you and you are uneducated, you’re ignorant, etc., we need an advanced scientific group to run the world. It’s been like that for a long time actually, they just haven’t told you; and I’ll touch on that tonight.

But I have gone into the past quite a bit in different areas, about the organizations that were set up to bring in world government, who set it up, the big bankers of the day of course, and very wealthy intergenerational families which created the big groups.  Of course in the US everyone knows the Rockefeller family that really helped to spearhead, at least that’s what you’re told; there were big groups behind them, mind you, the Rockefellers also took the heat but the Rockefellers belonged to the organization. In fact, the old man Rockefeller was set up and given a lot of help, put it this way, in acquiring his power and wealth by the organization that already existed. But they put him out as the front man for the Council on Foreign Relations.  He already worked for it before they called it that of course, because as I say it’s a branch of the Milner group, and then they gave themselves the official titles later on to further confuse the general public.

The organization itself was so secretive according to Carroll Quigley that many folk in Parliament, including Winston Churchill at one point, didn’t know; they knew there was something going on by a group, but they had no name given out to the general public at the time. Now, most folk maybe know the term Council on Foreign Relations when they bring on a spokesperson to advise on foreign-policy etc. Private organizations, very old indeed. Anybody who’s anybody, and who’s been a so-called made-man, made by the organizations behind them that is, that opened up the doors, cut out the competition for them and made sure they were awfully wealthy... In other words, they’re bought and paid for completely, intergenerationally, they will carry on the agenda. So I’ve gone through that in the past too if you go into the archives again at; you can find out lots of information on all of this.  But the idea for this group, this very old group, was to create a world society, as I say.  How to maintain power for their own corporations was awfully important of course. Because economics is the key to controlling everything.  And those at the top of money and power want to keep it and ensure that the big corporations they also own don’t fail, the big, big ones. They amalgamate all the time of course, but really it’s all kind of in-the-family. You’ll find that many of the top corporations, in any particular area, are all owned by the same shareholders at the top, the select shareholders; these shares are not advertised to the public to buy."

08 March 2017

08 March 2017 - Terra/MODIS Britain

08 March 2017 - Aqua/MODIS Britain

08 March 2017 - Suomi NPP/VIIRS Scotland

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