Monday 1 December 2014

‎01 ‎December ‎2014 - Glasgow

The cloud shield returns.... in case you are new to this blog, the reason we have an almost permanent white sky these days is to cover for decades of geoengineering, chemtrails and atmospheric testing along with almost a century of industrialisation which, due to the fine particles released by pollution, has broken our natural precipitation cycle.

The sun is also changing and finding it easier to get through our shredded atmosphere, ozone layer and weakening magnetic field but it's easier to blame "man made climate change" than admit you are playing god to cover up for serious crimes against humanity and most importantly nature.

The "weather" is now controlled by NEXRAD doppler radar stations worldwide which use the ionized metallic nano-particle mix delivered by aerosols/chemtrails to enable easier manipulation of the atmosphere by electromagnetic frequencies. 

All of this is covered up by all of your Governments and the mainstream media.  Greece and Cyprus did begin to speak out about chemtrails & geoengineering in the 1990's but before long they were then hit by financial austerity.  A coincidence?  No.

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