Sunday 20 July 2014

Geoengineering from space (1)

Here's the first batch of satellite photo's showing geoengineering from space. 

Enjoy the comedy discriptions.... and i'm sure you will recognise all the HAARP clouds, chemtrails and the sunrise/sunset blocking cloud shield from a different angle:

Low south-east of Iceland - 16th May 2014

UK, France and Belgium, aircraft contrails - 15th Jul 2013

Aircraft contrails over Europe - 2nd Dec 2013

Aircraft contrails over the Atlantic Ocean - 7th Jun 2013

Lee waves and cloud streets over the British Isles - 23rd Apr 2013

Circular aircraft contrails over the North Sea - 27th Mar 2013

Ship contrails off the Iberian Peninsula - 3rd Feb 2013

United Kingdom and Ireland, fog cover - 9th Jan 2013

Saharan dust plumes off Western Morocco - 4th Jan 2013

Iberian Peninsula, aircraft contrails - 4th Jan 2013

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