Monday 28 July 2014

Geoengineering from space (10)

Going back to 1984 now, but don't forget that this kind of thing has been happening since the 1940's...

Contrails and dispersal Bay of Biscay - 28th Jun 2003

Forest and moorland fires in the UK - 18th Apr 2003

Aircraft contrails over the Mediterranean Sea - 5th Nov 2002

Smoke from forest fires in western Russia - 28th Aug 2002

Ship trails off the Iberian coast - 30th May 2001

Impressive bloom near the UK and France - 22nd May 2001

Snowy Scotland - 8th Feb 2001

Bow tie contrails over the Atlantic - 2nd Jul 1998

Looped aircraft contrails off France - 17th Dec 1985

Looped aircraft contrails over the North Sea - 17th Apr 1984

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