Sunday 27 July 2014

Geoengineering from space (9)

Racetrack shaped contrail... is that an official term?  That crazy Saharan dust....

Racetrack shaped aircraft contrail - 13th Oct 2005

Aircraft contrails around Corsica - 30th Sep 2005

Aircraft contrails over the UK - 12th Sep 2005

Contrails over France - 2nd Sep 2005

Aircraft contrails off northwest coast of Spain - 19th Aug 2005

Algal bloom and contrails, Bay of Biscay - 29th Apr 2005

Aircraft contrails and dispersal trails off Iceland - 8th Apr 2005

Contrails over the Iberian Peninsula - 31st Mar 2005

Ship trails off Northern Scotland - 8th Nov 2004

Southeast England and the North Sea, aircraft contrails and dispersal - 17th Mar 2004

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