Thursday 24 July 2014

Geoengineering from space (6)

The HAARP manipulated cloud shield, acting as a sun and solar radiation barrier...

Western Portugal, aircraft contrails - 31st Dec 2006

West coast of Morocco, aircraft contrails and dispersal - 27th Dec 2006

Adriatic Sea, aircraft contrails and dispersal - 1st Dec 2006

Western Mediterranean, aircraft contrails - 19th Nov 2006

Germany and the Baltic Sea, aircraft contrails - 16th Nov 2006

The Pyrenees mountain range acting as a fog and cloud barrier - 11th Nov 2006

Contrails over the Mediterranean - 24th Oct 2006

Algal bloom in Davis Strait - 19th Oct 2006

Massif Central and Gulf of Lion, aircraft contrails - 16th Oct 2006

British Isles and northwest France, dense concentration of aircraft contrails and dispersal trails - 12th Oct 2006

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