Sunday 27 July 2014

Geoengineering from space (8)

Circular contrails... perfectly normal of course, you would think that passengers on a plane would notice if they were going round in circles over the North Sea!

A band of frontal cloud over the North Sea stretching into Continental Europe - 5th May 2006

Iberian Peninsula's Atlantic coast, aircraft contrails and dispersal - 26th Apr 2006

Circular contrails in the North Sea - 7th Apr 2006

Aircraft contrails in the Bay of Biscay - 13th Mar 2006

British Isles, numerous aircraft contrails in cloud cover - 4th Feb 2006

Semi-circular aircraft contrail over central western France - 25th Jan 2006

Contrails over England and France - 21st Jan 2006

Aircraft contrails over Spain - 7th Nov 2005

Aircraft contrails and dispersal over the Iberian Peninsula, Balearics, France and the Bay of Biscay - 7th Nov 2005

Algeria, Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula, aircraft contrails and coastal sediment - 6th Nov 2005

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