Friday, 25 July 2014

Geoengineering from space (7)

You are being conned if you think these are just contrails and cloud streets...

British Isles and Continental Europe, aircraft contrails and cloud streets - 8th Sep 2006

Hungarian Plain, aircraft contrails and dispersal - 29th Jul 2006

Scandinavia and the North Sea, aircraft contrails and algal blooms - 26th Jul 2006

Bay of Biscay, English Channel, Irish and North Seas, contrails and algal blooms - 24th Jul 2006

British Isles, France and Scandinavia, algal blooms and aircraft contrails - 15th Jul 2006

British Isles and France, aircraft contrails and algal blooms - 1st Jul 2006

Flight path contrails over the Atlantic northwest of Ireland - 8th Jun 2006

Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscay, aircraft and ship contrails - 27th May 2006

Aircraft contrails and dispersal off Bulgaria's Black Sea coast and over the Sea of Marmara - 22nd May 2006

Numerous aircraft contrails off and over the Iberian Peninsula's Atlantic coast. - 10th May 2006

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