Friday 25 July 2014

Geoengineering from space (7)

You are being conned if you think these are just contrails and cloud streets...

British Isles and Continental Europe, aircraft contrails and cloud streets - 8th Sep 2006

Hungarian Plain, aircraft contrails and dispersal - 29th Jul 2006

Scandinavia and the North Sea, aircraft contrails and algal blooms - 26th Jul 2006

Bay of Biscay, English Channel, Irish and North Seas, contrails and algal blooms - 24th Jul 2006

British Isles, France and Scandinavia, algal blooms and aircraft contrails - 15th Jul 2006

British Isles and France, aircraft contrails and algal blooms - 1st Jul 2006

Flight path contrails over the Atlantic northwest of Ireland - 8th Jun 2006

Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscay, aircraft and ship contrails - 27th May 2006

Aircraft contrails and dispersal off Bulgaria's Black Sea coast and over the Sea of Marmara - 22nd May 2006

Numerous aircraft contrails off and over the Iberian Peninsula's Atlantic coast. - 10th May 2006

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