Friday 29 January 2016

29 ‎January ‎2016 - Glasgow (1)

As yet another manufactured storm hits us from the remnants of storm Jonas in the USA, this time called Gertrude in a waste of time name game to distract people from paying attention to what's actually going on with the "weather", all it takes is to pay a little attention on any given day and you will more than likely see one or all of the following:

Offshore water vapour systems, originally generated by power plant wet surface air coolers (WSAC) across the Atlantic, hitting our shores and being maneuvered by the UK doppler network............. chemtrails from passing planes remaining in the sky and spreading out to form a haze in front of the sun................ Nexrad doppler frequency control of the atmosphere to whip up the storms with forced frequency rotation leaving ripples and heterodyne waves in the clouds and haze............. the sunrise and sunset being blocked, in fact the sun being blocked almost every day as it crosses the sky............ I could go on but you just have to spend a few weeks looking up and paying attention to see for yourself.

It also helps to know what the military has been capable during the last century as the crimes of industrialists, merchants and bankers who originally poisoned the planet and destroyed the natural precipitation cycle are covered up with a manipulated system of geoengineering that almost everyone thinks is just the weather..... it's time to re-evaluate that belief and start trusting your own eyes and senses, instead of what you are spoon fed by lying meteorologists and the mainstream media in the matrix.

29 ‎January ‎2016

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