Friday 30 September 2016

Here are your "weather gods"... it's the dopplers, with Dual Polarization

If you have noticed the weather getting crazier recently then it's time to review the upgrade of our UK doppler radar network (US Nexrad equivalent) to Dual Polarization.  Here's what I had to say on the matter over 2 years ago:
"...and to make matters worse (like they can get much worse at this stage!), it will soon be upgrade time to dual polarisation: ... timescales

The end of 2015 for Munduff Hill and the end of 2016 for Holehead. Giving us proper Tornado, Hurricane and plasma cloud generating and stopping power along with who knows what else. Coming to a town near you, soon...

Another interesting thing to note is that if you look at the purple inner circle of each station, where they create the pulsed frequency to generate the plasma clouds, this shape and location matches the cloud shield i've seen sitting over Glasgow and the Clyde valley on many an occasion:

Weather War 101:
"Dual Polarization will certainly significantly change your weather. All of these things are of course prototyped here in the U.S., and their abilities changed drastically with the Dual Polarization upgrades. Stands to reason of course… Without Dual Pol, they had no control over the Vertical Plane. Next upgrade after that (which is really full system change) is Phased Array… which I’m fairly certainly all of our US Nexrad stations have been converted to by now. Certainly all of the critical ones have."

Want to know why we get so many sudden deluges now?  If you put this down to the incorrect explanation that "Scotland just has crazy 4 seasons in one day weather" then you should review this urban myth and speak to some older relatives if you are not old enough to remember natural weather before it was destroyed.  Or just spend a bit more time looking at the weather each day and recording it while observing the patterns.

Those old enough will remember how we used to have actual seasons, warm summers with lots of sunlight and dry spells, little rain and weather that was an actual summer.  Autumn and spring would have the usual mixed weather, April showers, autumn gales, a natural mix.  Winter had it's good days and bad but you had a lot more cool, clear, fresh days and a lot more snow back then.

Nothing like what we get now, with the natural precipitation cycle destroyed by industrial pollution and military testing, a system of Geoengineering has been in place for decades, covering up global burning/climate collapse, is summed up simply:

All of this is undeniable and you will find all the evidence you could possibly need to back this up on this blog & YouTube channel and in Weather War 101's research.  So now you know what is really pulling the strings behind the scenes of our manufactured climate it's time to look at the big picture and stop burying your head in the sand...

If you want to understand nano-particles, Morgellons Syndrome and more:

Don't forget... Daily Flash Floods are all Man-Made:

And if you see strange clouds like this in the sky, just remember they are actually frequency activated nano-clouds, heterodyne frequencies and roll/wave clouds controlled by NEXRAD: a fusion of Wilhelm Reich and HAARP research, all hidden under the disguise of "weather radar"...

If this small selection of images isn't enough to convince you then watch some time-lapse videos on our YouTube channel....

If that still isn't enough then I suppose you can always go back to burying your head in the sand...

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